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1. Please give us a quick introduction of yourself.

  • Hello! This is Byung Woo You, in charge of Server engineering at Buzzvil. My office nickname is Ben and I have a baby whom my colleagues call Ben, Venture or Mini Van. I am so active that I like almost every sport, and I am playing in a company rock band as well.
  • Programmer! I started programming with a language called ‘Basic’ when I was young. I found it very interesting, and wanting to give benefits to as many people as possible, I became a Software Engineer. Starting from developing a free messenger m&Talk which existed 10 years ago when I was serving in the military as special case, I have developed Chat@n of Samsung, and many push notification platforms used in various applications such as Line, Naver. Providing services and memorable experiences to millions of users worldwide made me get more attracted by Software. The first thing I did in the morning after distributing new functions or improvement was searching users’ feedback (It was not always joyful work. Especially after distributing bugs.. -_-a)

2. What brings you to Buzzvil?

  • Relationship at Infobank While developing the messenger m&Talk when serving a special military service at Infobank, Jay at Product Team was leading development for iPhone, while I was in charge of Android. Developing products together, we shared our ideas and thought of each other as a friend and colleague supplementing what the other lacks.
  • Starting up! Later, Jay suggested making a lockscreen service in the U.S. together, and we jointly launched the company Slidejoy. I was then satisfied with my old company, and also feared walking an unstable path as the head of a family, but thinking that the opportunity of starting up with good people, and that simply thinking “Well, I won’t starve to death.” led me to take risks.
  • Merging with Buzzvil Going through various crisis, Slidejoy kept growing, and grabbed the chance to be acquired by Buzzvil, a much larger company providing a service in Korea similar to ours.

3. What is your role at Buzzvil?

  • New technology & Refactoring The elements I think most important in developing Software are efficiency and making products with great designs. To raise efficiency, I introduced technologies such as Go and Kubernetes to the company, and design patterns like MVP, MVC that makes a structure so the codes are easy to read, separate and reuse.
  • Go server engineering My actual work is advertising and contents allocation at BuzzScreen and HoneyScreen. I am in charge of API server development for Slidejoy service, and because I developed Slidejoy client, and I am partially engaged in client as well. Being interested in new technologies, I ported all the allocation logic for BuzzScreen and HoneyScreen with Go language, and it resulted in dramatic improvement in performance. (Go server development)

4. How does it feel to work at a startup? or advertising industry?

  • People > Company Unlike in large companies, each person should match a hundred in startups. And a lot can change based on one person. Because the growth and crisis of a company directly influence employees, so everyone can stay focused on the success of the service together.
  • Mobile advertisement In fact, I was not really interested in media, even less in advertisement. But I myself developed messengers that started from zero in the big wage of the mobile industry and eventually achieved millions of users. I’ve come to believe that mobile advertisement is also a big wave that raised Buzzvil. I am sure that there is invaluable chance in startups in this rapidly changing and growing market.

5. Is there something that you can say “this is the best part being Buzzvilians”?

  • Bright, cheerful atmosphere Among company get-togethers, I really like the “Get To Know Each Other” theme. Under this theme, small number of people can hang out as much as they want under the given budget. Last time, we ate spicy cold noodle, and then spent the rest of the budget in vigorous activities such as gun shooting.
  • The workshop at Bali early this year with the whole staff was unforgettable. Because we are all close to each other, we spared our time for sleeping to hang out. I remember myself having a hard time for a week or two after the return from the vacation spot.
  • With old man’s humor, weird jokes and emojis made with members’ facial expressions, the conservations among members are always full of wit. Even if one is not funny, we cheer each other. We expect that efforts will bring results someday.
  • A company where we all play and study together Buzzvil has programs that support employees to learn and work out as much as they want, provides unlimited books, and has clubs and study groups of diverse topics. All these make Buzzvil an attractive company. Most employees participate in one or more programs such as study groups for machine learning, English study, guitar, and club activities such as band, soccer, badminton, tennis and Pilates.

6. Do you have a personal goal or dream? If so, how does your experience at Buzzvil help you?

  • Offers convenience to many people The driving force that makes me work harder to develop programs at Buzzvil is making value on the lockscreen, a space not well used by most people. As described above, I started programming because I have wanted to give benefits to as many people as possible. Unlike in most industries, I can develop software systems that can be copied easily with just Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V. If I make a good product, it can be easily developed and distributed in various forms and ways. I will be able to create more positive impact.
  • Codes easily read by other developers As I worked and worked, I realized that I have passion in structuring and modularizing existing codes and getting rid of unused codes. Mainly developing core and library that can be expanded or used, I thought over and over how I could help others who are using my code to be less confused. I want to make better use of the codes, and figure out which structure goes well in a certain place.
  • With the BuzzScreen service at Buzzvil, I am displaying my tendency as much as I like. This is because the codes should be easy to integrate with when using SDK so it is easily used by many Publishers. I go by the saying “Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live.” I always want to stay proud of my work. I still have a long way to go but I hope someday even a serial killer will ring my door bell to ask how I designed my code and find new ways to create something more out of it.

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