Meet the Buzzvil Bloggers

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our Buzzvil blog! Each week, we’ll be sharing our insights on industry trends, the learnings and experiences of our engineers, and our stories of striving to realize our “impossible” dreams. The voices and brains behind our blog are Ohsu, Teddy and Cindy. Let’s get to know our regulars a bit better, shall we?   Ohsu Kwon, Head of Strategy and Planning Ohsu is our head of strategy and planning, and he’s a technology enthusiast with experience in the online advertising industry from his time at Google. He’s a Seoul National University alumnus and was formerly a passionate singer in a few rock bands. He’s recently gotten into bouldering and can sometimes be found attempting to climb the walls in our office. Ohsu will be delivering a wide range of news and our unique perspective on the tech and mobile industry.   Teddy Cross, Software Engineer Teddy is a full stack software engineer specializing in the bleeding edge. He spent a few years in Silicon Valley working on games and productivity tools. This year, he moved across the ocean to Korea to join our team in building our native mobile advertising product, as well as to give our startup culture a boost. Teddy will be blogging about our adventures in engineering and society.   Cindy Choo, Brand Marketing Manager Cindy, our brand marketing manager, comes from a background in communications and is passionate about all things social. After spending several years in sunny California and rainy Vancouver, she’s recently returned back to her roots in Korea. Cindy manages our social media channels and will be sharing all about the life and culture at Buzzvil, and our dream team of Buzzvillians.   We can’t wait to share with you what makes Buzzvil so unique and why we love what we do! Got feedback or want to connect with us? We’re always happy to hear from you. Simply shoot us an email at or feel free to reach out on Twitter at @Buzzvil. Stay tuned for more from the Buzzvil bloggers!

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