[Product Updates] All New HoneyScreen! App Update for Android

Honeyscreen has a brand new look! Our Buzzvil team has worked hard over the past few months to provide a better, more seamless experience for our users, and we’re very excited to finally announce our new and improved Honeyscreen app for Android. For those of you that aren’t familiar with our flagship product, Honeyscreen is a mobile app that transforms your smartphone lock screen into a visually pleasing billboard. With over 2 million users in Korea, Honeyscreen delivers highly-targeted ads, offers and content directly to your lock screen. Our Honeyscreen blog (Korean) explains what’s new and exciting about this update, and we’ve also provided a quick breakdown here in English of our two major feature changes:

Rolling Ads and Content

As beautiful as our carefully curated ads are, we know that seeing the same thing on your lock screen for an entire hour can get a little boring. With our new update, you’ll now see a new ad or piece of content each time you activate your lock screen. You’re also able to scroll up and down right from your lock screen to check out more unique ads and useful content, even without immediately unlocking your smartphone.

Unlock More Rewards

Previously, Honeyscreen users only received rewards when their lock screens displayed ads, but not for featured content or images. Now, you’ll get rewards every single hour, no matter what’s being displayed on your phone. That’s right, even if it’s not an ad that you’re seeing, as long as you unlock your phone, you’ll accumulate rewards that hour!

Get the Update!

Our new app brings you a completely revamped user experience with an improved interactive lock screen and easier ways to get rewards. Update your Honeyscreen app for Android today! Available for download in the Google Play store. Our product is currently available only in Korea and Japan (Lockjoy). Are you a Honeyscreen user? We’d love to hear from you! Your feedback helps us improve the Honeyscreen app you love. You can reach the Honeyscreen team by email at P.S. – Don’t worry, iPhone users, we haven’t forgotten about you! Honeyscreen is also available on iOS on the iTunes Store.

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