[Buzzvil Culture] Buzzvil Office Hot Spot: Challenge Board

At Buzzvil, dreaming the impossible is a big part of our culture. Not only is it one of our core values, we really believe in going beyond our comfort zones and challenging ourselves, whether it be taking on new, unfamiliar projects or stepping up to a public speaking opportunity at our internal hackathon. In Q2, our sales team really took this value to heart and set a very audacious sales goal for themselves – an “impossible” dream, some might say. Each of them also had personal challenges to achieve for the quarter, such as losing 10kg or learning to play the harmonica. Our fearless CRO, Hong, led by example by successfully completing his challenge of running six laps around Seokchon Lake (approximately 15km in distance), which is just a few steps outside our office. Go, Hong, go! Inspired by our sales team’s efforts and enthusiasm, I felt that this culture of goal setting and personal challenges is something we can all benefit from. Setting big goals for ourselves is just one way we can make one of our core values an actionable part of our workplace culture that can be shared with our entire team. This is how the Buzzvil Challenge Board was created and became one of our office hot spots!                           At the beginning of Q3, each of us at Buzzvil set personal challenges for ourselves to achieve by September 30th. These goals can be anything – from fitness to learning a language to making the time to travel – as long as the goal has personal significance and is truly challenging enough to require work and effort. Quite a few people are aiming to be more active or shed a few kilograms, but we also have team members like Elena, who is challenging herself to read three books each month, and Joshua, who is working on passing Level 5 of the HSK Chinese Proficiency Test. We even have non-developers who are challenging themselves with coding, like Joon who is aiming to create a calculator app! Buzzvil Challenge Board To add a little extra incentive, we thought we’d include some positive reinforcement by offering a reward to all those who succeed in achieving their Q3 goals: a massage/spa gift certificate. After sitting at our desks day in and day out, we could all use some loosening up of our muscles, and unwinding at a spa is a great way to relax. Getting a massage with our team members after working hard on our personal challenges for the quarter is great for boosting our motivation! There’s just over two months to go before the end of Q3, and our Challenge Board reminds us to work hard and check in with our fellow Buzzvillians to see how they’re doing with their goals. We’ll be sure to report back with the results at the end of September. Until then, please continue to cheer us on! How do you encourage goal setting and personal challenges with your team? Share with us in the comments below or feel free to email us at

Our DREAM blog series showcases our goals, wish lists, and “impossible” dreams. These dreams push us beyond our comfort zones and inspire us to change the world. To learn more about Buzzvil’s core values, take a look on our website.

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