[Buzzvil Culture] Refresh Your Hoesik Culture: Play Ball!

Last month, we talked about how to refresh the hoesik culture in Korea, and we couldn’t wait for the next opportunity to try something new for our monthly hoesik. For our July hoesik, we decided to get sporty and go watch a baseball game all together as a team! Buzzvil Blog | Baseball Game Hoesik So, how did we think of baseball? Well, one of the ways we suggested for revamping your company’s hoesik culture was to ask for ideas. As we’ve mentioned in our previous blog posts, we really care about feedback at Buzzvil, and we have a great place to share ideas and suggestions in a casual way: the Buzzvil Idea Wall! I’ve made it my personal mission to make our Idea Wall a living, organic channel of communication to live up to its label as an office “hot spot,” so I did a roundup of all the different hoesik ideas and set up a Google Form for our team to vote on their favorite idea. Buzzvil Blog | Baseball Game HoesikOther hoesik ideas, such as an outdoor BBQ or an afternoon at Lotte World, came in close, but the final winner with the most votes was a baseball game hoesik. This wasn’t much of a surprise, seeing as how many baseball fans we have at Buzzvil, but in this way, the voting process was completely transparent and fair. A baseball game hoesik was also extremely timely since it can only happen during baseball season, and with the season wrapping up, July was probably the last chance we had to find a game day that works for everyone. Lucky for us, the Jamsil Baseball Stadium is within 4km from our office, so we’re able to save significantly on travel time. Based on everyone’s votes, we chose our hoesik day to align with the Lotte Giants vs. LG Twins game on a Friday. We planned meticulously, buying the tickets online as soon as they were available, thinking ahead about what to eat at the game, and how to get everyone to the stadium. The only thing we couldn’t plan for was the weather. The forecast for the week showed constant rain and we had unpredictable showers all week. On game day, I worried all morning about the weather, but we had beautiful sunny skies all afternoon. The forecast did say to expect rain later in the evening, but after a gut check, we decided to take our chances. We picked up some fried chicken and more than a few six-packs of beer, and at 6 p.m. sharp, we hopped into cabs to Jamsil Stadium. Our baseball game hoesik was going great for the first three innings. We’d all made it to the stadium, the cheering was picking up steam as fans supported their teams and respective star players, and our Buzzvillians were happily munching on chicken, chips, and jerky. Then, sadly, the weather stopped cooperating and decided to rain on our hoesik.

The Bad News

Buzzvil Blog | Baseball Game Hoesik The forecasted downpour began at the beginning of the fourth inning.

The Good News

Our seats were behind home plate and, thankfully, underneath the overhang, so we avoided the majority of the rain.

The Best News

Although the game was cancelled due to heavy rain, the game was suspended before the fifth inning, so all of the tickets were fully refunded. The Lotte Giants fans on our team were a little disappointed as they were leading 9 to 1, but overall, I’d say it was a win for Team Buzzvil! Since the game was cancelled early, we decided to resume our hoesik at a nearby restaurant for more team bonding. On to round two! Despite the rain, it was a memorable hoesik experience for all of us and something different from traditional hoesik culture in Korea. We’ve heard that other teams at places like Tomato System and Halla have also enjoyed having their hoesik at baseball games, and franchises like Nene Chicken even have promotions and contests to encourage companies to try a baseball game hoesik by making it easier to order chicken on game day. The hoesik culture in Korea is gradually changing, and the Buzzvil team is fully on-board to encourage this shift in workplace culture at other startups and companies. Who knows where our August hoesik will take us? Got any suggestions for us? What activities and events do you share with your team? Share your ideas with us in the comments below!

Buzzvil Blog | Baseball Game Hoesik Buzzvil Blog | Baseball Game Hoesik

Buzzvil Blog | Baseball Game Hoesik Buzzvil Blog | Baseball Game Hoesik Buzzvil Blog | Baseball Game Hoesik

Our RELATE series is all about our people and team building. We know how important it is to get connected, so we like to work AND play as a team. To learn more about Buzzvil’s core values, take a look on our website.

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