[Buzzvil People] Senior Software Engineer / Co-founder, Patrick Kim

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Patrick Bongchul Kim, Software Engineer



Beautiful Jeju Island, Korea


  My school years were exceedingly normal and uneventful, and just before I was about to enter graduate school like so many of my peers, I started to have doubts about the path I was taking. Did I truly want to choose the path that everyone else chose? In order to find the answer to these worries, I decided to get some work experience by means of alternative military service. However, my work experience didn’t exactly give me the answer I was looking for either. During this time, I happened to see on my school bulletin board that there was a startup office close to where I lived. I thought I’d try experiencing the startup life that I had been vaguely longing for, and that experience I’d started without much thought has continued until now.


Although our current office is far from where I live, when I first started at Buzzvil the office was less than two minutes away from home. I figured, you won’t know what a company is like until you’ve worked there, and if I’m going to work somewhere, isn’t it best to work somewhere close to home? That’s how my story at Buzzvil began.


Since I was young, I’ve liked making things with my own hands, and my work today also lets me create just about anything, as long as I have a computer. I can show people in front of their very eyes the things that I imagine and the things that other people want, as long as I have a computer. Because I’ve developed this taste for creating things, I’m able to spend day after day focusing on my work, glued to my monitor.


창가. 창 너머로 보이는 호수와 사람들을 보고 있으면 안 좋던 마음도 풀리고 마음이 평온해진다. Our windows. When I look through the windows at the people below and the lake beyond, it cheers me up whenever I’m in low spirits and makes me feel peaceful.


My dream is to work on something new every two years. Not only do I have a lot of things I want to try, I also think it’s boring to do only one thing for your entire life, and since you only live one life, I think I’d regret spending my time on only one thing.


Live a highly efficient life with greater output in contrast to the input. Everyone has the same amount of time in a day, so to be more productive, I believe I need to live more efficiently.

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