[Product Updates] HoneyScreen Hears Your Voice!

In case we haven’t made it obvious by now, feedback is really important to us at Buzzvil. This not only applies to our workplace culture, but also to how we interact with our Honeyscreen users. After all, who would be better to give us feedback than the ones who use our product on a daily basis? With our recent Android app update in June, our team decided the time was right to meet some of our users and hear what they have to say. The suggestion of hosting an FGI (Focus Group Interview) has been up on our Idea Wall for quite some time, and thanks to the joint effort of our marketing and design teams, we finally built the momentum to make this idea a reality. By piggybacking on the title of a popular 2013 TV series in Korea called “I Can Hear Your Voice”, we affectionately called our FGI sessions “Honeybees! We Hear Your Voice!” We promoted the image below on our Honeyscreen product as well as on our Honeyscreen Facebook Page to round up users who are interested in participating in our FGI. Our Buzzvil team is hosting FGI sessions for the next three days, starting from today! We’ll be sure to share about the process and what we learn from our experience, so stay tuned for the next update. Don’t forget, you can also have our latest posts emailed right to your inbox by subscribing in the right sidebar of our blog. Curious about this product that our users are so eager to share their feedback about? Get Honeyscreen for Android from the Google Play store! (Currently available only in Korea)

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