[Buzzvil Culture] Refresh Your Hoesik Culture! Mission: Lotte World

Our team at Buzzvil has tried a lot of new activities over the past few months to refresh our hoesik culture: we’ve had picnics, gone bowling, and watched a baseball game in the rain. But there’s one hoesik idea that we’ve been talking about since we first moved to our Jamsil office in March, and last month, we finally made it happen. For our September hoesik, Team Buzzvil finally made it to Lotte World! Buzzvil Blog | Lotte World Hoesik We knew we’d be visiting Lotte World for our hoesik sooner or later; after all, it’s right in our front yard! The amusement park is so close to our office that it’s only a 15-minute walk to get there, and we can occasionally hear the delighted screaming from the park when we have our windows open. Our team also couldn’t have chosen a better month to vote for Lotte World for our hoesik idea. Since September is during the off-season, we were lucky to get extremely discounted rates for half-day passes by adding Lotte World on KakaoTalk as a Plus Friend (pro tip for any other companies planning a Lotte World hoesik in the future!). Thanks to this special promotion, our team was able to enjoy our afternoon at Lotte World for only ₩13,000 per person. With all these things in our favor, how could we resist? So, on the last Thursday of September, we all wrapped up our work for the day by 4pm and walked over to our hoesik destination. Buzzvil Blog | Lotte World Hoesik Now, we could’ve just let everyone loose inside Lotte World, but the purpose of our hoesik is to get our Buzzvillians better connected, especially with team members that we might not always get to work with on a regular basis. To mix up the dynamics, we randomly split everyone up into three teams with about five or six people per team. Jimmy, also known as Buzzvil’s mom, then gave missions for all the teams to complete, such as having your entire team go on three rides together with photo evidence, or have at least three people from your team go on the Gyro Drop.

In the end, not a single team ended up completing all the missions before dinner, but we all had a fantastic time bonding with each other, making friends with Andrew’s daughter who joined us for the day, and encouraging some of our less enthusiastic Buzzvillians to try going on rides outside their comfort zones. A big round of applause to them for being good sports and challenging themselves!

We’d been a little worried that we wouldn’t be able to find a place to eat that could accommodate our entire team, but even that worked itself out. Fortunately, we were able to make reservations at Jumak in the Korean Folk Musuem (Min Sok Chon). After digesting a bit after dinner, our energetic team went back out for more rides and took over the bumper car track as our hoesik finale.

People have shared different opinions about the idea of hoesik in Korea and whether companies should have them at all. The traditional routine of company hoesik can seem meaningless and the general sentiment among Koreans in the working world seems to be that hoesik feels like an obligation or a chore. However, at Buzzvil, we feel that having our monthly hoesik really does build our relationships with each other and provides a way for us to spend time with each other outside the office. Many of us find that we look forward to our team hoesik each month and get excited about what new, refreshing hoesik idea we’ll try next. For us, it’s been so long since we’ve had a traditional company dinner that we might actually be ready for a typical Korean hoesik for this month! What kind of team activities does your company enjoy? Share your experiences with us in the comments below!

Our RELATE series is all about our people and team building. We know how important it is to get connected, so we like to work AND play as a team. To learn more about Buzzvil’s core values, take a look on our website.

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