[Buzzvil Culture] Buzzvil Challenge Board: How'd We Do in Q3?

Back in July, our team at Buzzvil first started our Challenge Board where each of our Buzzvillians set a personal goal for themselves to accomplish by the end of Q3! We had a wide variety of goals that our team challenged ourselves with, such as creating an app, improving their language skills, or losing weight, which was the most common trend in our office. So, how did Team Buzzvil do? Well, out of the 22 people that participated in our Challenge Board for all of Q3, we only had four people successfully complete their goals this time:

  • Elena - Read 3 books per month
  • Sophie - Lose 2 kg of fat and gain 3 kg of muscle mass
  • Ahreumong - Lose 3 kg
  • John - Lose 10 kg

John, our co-CEO, really set a great example for the rest of us by not only achieving his goal but going above and beyond to lose a total of 11 kg. He even sent us a before and after photo of his scale as evidence. Talk about being transparent with your team! A big congratulations to our four Buzzvillians that successfully accomplished their personal goals last quarter! They’ll get to relax and enjoy their well-deserved massages for challenging themselves for the last three months. I have to say, I think our team can do much better than a success rate of 18%, and we have some ambitious new goals for Q4: some people are re-challenging themselves with fitness and weight loss goals, some are setting personal finance challenges, and some are aiming to learn something new, such as HTML and CSS. Team, let’s aim for a higher Buzzvil Challenge Board success rate in Q4! What are some ways your team encourages goal setting and personal challenges? Share with us in the comments below!

Our DREAM blog series showcases our goals, wish lists, and “impossible” dreams. These dreams push us beyond our comfort zones and inspire us to change the world. To learn more about Buzzvil’s core values, take a look on our website.

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