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Buzzvil Taiwan has been keeping busy! Since launching with Chloe Chen as the first member in November 2014, our Taiwan office has grown steadily. Local reporters have taken notice, and reached out to us to bring us to light! Here are some of our featured articles from Taiwan. From left: Chloe Chen, John Lee, and Joshua Kwon of Buzzvil  

Meet Club 創業小聚:[Meet創業之星] 用點數/內容當誘因,韓國新創Buzzvil讓鎖屏串聯全世界

(The Sweetest Reward of HoneyScreen: Buzzvil helps our users to better connect with the world)


Meet Club introduced our HoneyScreen service in Taiwan, and stories from behind the scenes. HoneyScreen asks users to rent out the first screen, their precious real estate on mobile – and in return, we provide useful information and rewards for them. Through this service, we hope to achieve our dream: to optimize the first screen of mobile, and to better connect users with the world. 鎖屏應用程式(APP)除了提供美麗的桌布之外,若要發展出新的獲利模式,就只能變身成干擾用戶視覺的廣告平台嗎?韓國團隊 Buzzvil 所推出的鎖屏桌布HoneyScreen,用點數兌換和消費者感興趣的內容當誘因,讓使用者在解鎖當下就能獲得最多資訊,找到使用者與廣告主同時心滿意足的致勝之道。HoneyScreen的廣告服務不只為廣告主帶來更高的效益,它提供的點數兌換、人氣情報、生活資訊等內容服務也廣受用戶青睞。Buzzvil最終希望,HoneyScreen能為使用者建立一個能夠串聯重要、有趣資訊的「第一螢幕平台(First Screen Platform)」,讓解鎖螢幕,不再只是解鎖螢幕如此簡單而已。 Article:  

Business Next數位時代:創業小聚 No.53  因地制宜優化使用者體驗

(Localize and Optimize the users’ experience)


“How much time do we spend on our smartphones every day?” Have you ever thought about this? Nowadays, mobile is definitely the most frequently viewed screen and it complements TV and PC usage. Joshua Kwon, Head of Global Business, introduces how HoneyScreen is the best gateway for advertisers to communicate with the users. HoneyScreen helps advertisers to get non-intrusive ad exposure with targeting-based ads and personalized content that provides a better user experience. HoneyScreen分析現在最有人氣的話題,分析社群媒體的讚、回覆、分享,利用數據統計貼合使用者喜好,將使用者感興趣的文章主題,投遞到手機鎖屏。另外,使用者每次解鎖還能獲得免費點數,可以兌換實體商店的商品。使用者留在鎖屏的時間越多,對廣告主更有利,比傳統的橫幅廣告,高出10倍以上的廣告成效,HoneySreen絕對是使用者及廣告主的雙贏平台。 Article: Video:  

TVBS: 打破不景氣,創新更能走出自己的路

International Startups in Taiwan


We not only provide reward-based ads, but also provide useful contents for users. Users can select specific categories they are interested in and we deliver carefully curated contents from hundreds of content sources to users’ first screen. For HoneyScreen itself, it will help people save money and live a smart life by utilizing our advertising technology. We will try to contribute to people’s lifestyles in this low growth era, by sharing a portion of ad revenue from advertisers. 把冷冰冰的解鎖畫面加入新聞資訊,綁住消費者,當然也有廣告內容帶來營收,韓國軟體進軍台灣半年累積50萬會員,看上寶島穩定成長性。比起一般畫圖密碼解鎖,短時間內消費者就會離開,新型態廣告鎖屏軟體,把台灣當成重要市場,就算2015經濟成長下滑也不擔心。因為我們相信,不管在哪裡都有還沒有解決的問題,需要被解決的問題,我們希望透過HoneyScreen讓人們的生活更便利。 Article: Video:

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