[Buzzvil News] Buzzvil, Best Portfolio at SoftBank Ventures Forum 2015

_Buzzvil has finally made it to this year’s “Best Portfolio” of SoftBank Ventures Korea. In last year’s posting on SoftBank Ventures Forum 2014, we closed saying “Who knows? Maybe we’ll be presenting as one of the Best Portfolios in 2015!” We are delighted and thrilled to have this dream realized in just one year. 

_ The Softbank Ventures Forum took place at Haevichi Hotel on Jeju Island from October 15th to 16th. Marking its third year, Softbank Ventures Forum convened Softbank Ventures Korea, a batch of companies in Softbank Ventures’ investment portfolio, VCs, LPs and other guest companies under the catchphrase of “lasting success”. Buzzvil’s Co-CEOs John and Young attended the conference. Upon arriving at the venue, participants were greeted by Greg Moon, CEO and President of SoftBank Ventures Korea, who gave his welcome speech, officially announcing the forum’s kick-off. Citing its beautiful natural surroundings as the reason for choosing Jeju island as this year’s venue, he suggested making the most out of Jeju’s advantages to refresh and recharge oneself all the way. Following Greg’s welcome speech was Dr. Kilnam Chon’s keynote speech on “High Technology Ventures in the World - Asian Perspective”. He is renowned as the Internet pioneer who developed the first Internet in Asia.

  <_John addressing as this year’s “Best Portfolio” nominee_ > Right after Dr.Chon’s speech came speeches of CEOs from three different startups, which were selected this year’s “Best Portfolio” of SoftBank Ventures Korea. Every year, SoftBank Ventures goes through a thorough internal survey by partners and venture capitalists and nominate top three candidates as this year’s “Best Portfolio”. In his speech, John shared our achievements so far with Honeyscreen and Buzzscreen and Buzzvil’s vision with VCs from global venture capitalist companies, potential and present partners of Buzzvil and other fellow companies in SoftBank Ventures’ portfolio.   John followed with seemingly peculiar remarks “We are here to come across potential partners to share exponential growth. We assure you that we are going to discuss and settle partnerships with at least three companies ”. This was Buzzvil’s word to look forward rather than only indulging in the pleasure of nomination, which is already a thing of the past. This led to every participant from other companies asking John “how many partners have you got so far?” whenever they got a chance. Thanks to John’s attention-grabbing remarks, Buzzvil did succeed in building five new partnerships, which are more than what John assured. John closed by mentioning Buzzvil’s vision: create brand new values of lockscreen by offering the same features as Google AdSense and Google Now on users’ lockscreens and eventually win the paradigm of mobile’s first screen.

  The forum moved on to exciting performances by Crying Nut, an influential Korean punk band, relieving everyone’s stress from daily lives. The next day another series of lectures and outdoors activities such as hill trekking and boat fishing followed and the forum came to a close. Buzzvil’s Co-CEOs, John and Young made the most out of this rare chance to exchange in-depth conversation with other fellow participants and have a few days off from hectic lives in Seoul.   This year’s SoftBank Ventures Forum was clearly a reminder of one of our five mottos from Don Quixote: Dream the impossible. Our debut attendance at last year’s Softbank Ventures was inspiring enough to get us a seemingly impossible dream: nomination as this year’s Best Portfolio and therefore “Best Portfolio” speech at the forum. It took us only one year to turn that ‘seemingly impossible’ dream into reality. What’s more, VCs from a renowned venture capitalist company from which we have dreamed to be invested since Buzzvil’s foundation, came to John and Young and exchanged meaningful conversation. A long shot as our dream seemingly might be, Buzzvil has strived and will strive to step towards our dreams. We can’t wait until next year’s SoftBank Venture Forum to see how close we will have got to our dreams.

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