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_It’s already been two years since Buzzvil first launched HoneyScreen in the Japanese market. At Buzzvil whose overseas expansion policy is to have minimal local human resources, a small number of local members deal with almost the same set of jobs as in the headquarter only excluding product development. So rather than opening an independent office where Buzzvillians should take care of every maintenance and administrative work, Buzzvil, as a pragmatist startup, decided to settle down at local shared offices(co-working space) in Tokyo and Taipei. Buzzvil exhibited at Ad-Tech in Tokyo 2015 early this month and Brodie from Buzzvil’s Seoul HQ visited Tokyo office to shed light on office life there._

Who is working here?

Three members from the Japanese team, Arata(Japan Head), Rumi(Marketing Manager), Shimo(Sales Manager) are stationed at the shared office. Whenever Buzzvillians from the Seoul HQ pays a business trip to Japan, they visit the office and rent tables by the day.  

Where is it located?

The office is located in Shibuya, a highly fashionable district for youngsters in Tokyo. The young generation constitute a major demographic in HoneyScreen user pool, qualifying Shibuya for Buzzvil’s settlement. On their way to work or lunch, Buzzvillians are sure to come across those youngsters, keeping their eyes open to the trends and thus helping themselves to better serve users’ needs with improved services.  


This shared office is constituted of individual work station section, conference rooms, shared kitchen, shared conference room, communal lounge and restrooms.  

  • Individual work station section

_Desks without any partitions are in this section. The office has adopted an open seating policy so tenants always feel free to change their seats to whichever they like that day._  

  • Conference rooms

_In the middle of the entire office are two conference rooms. A wide enough desk and a projector are in each room, facilitating undisturbed discussion with colleagues and business partners from other companies._  

  • Shared kitchen

_In the kitchen, tenants can have their own food or buy various drinks in the refrigerator. _  

  • Shared conference room

_DSC_9905l_ _This room serves as a separate call and conference area where tenants can get their phones or have a conference call. They are always required to use earphones to prevent any distractions to others. _  

  • Communal lounge

_Tenants can relax and talk with others in the lounge. (But sleeping is not allowed here!) Visitors have access to this area, so tenants can have meetings with business partners as well. Sometimes even applicants to a tenant company are interviewed here. _  

Shared office, shared passion

We share the shared office with freelancers such as manga writers, architects and developers, local startups and overseas companies in their early stage of business in the local market. Former Buzzvillian, Hailey, even happened to meet the manga writer she had personally admired for a long time. However, she chose not to ask for his autograph since the shared office is literally the “office”, a place where professionalism should prevail. Supercell also used to occupy some tables here in their early stage of their Japanese business. Though tenants are from diverse industries, each other’s passion for their dreams collectively helps form immersive and dynamic ambience for a workplace.  

Be respectful

At a glimpse, the office ambience seems relaxing and far from rigid. But there certainly needs to be a few rules to maintain optimal workplace ambience for all. Every single tenant is there striving to achieve their own dreams, so respect for each other is definitely a must. But rather than finding those rules bothering and unpleasant, tenants abide by them with unspoken consensus, contributing to retaining optimal atmosphere and thus maximized work efficiency.

  • At the individual work station section, tenants are required to remain silent. Even colleagues are not allowed to talk with each other, so they have to move to the communal lounge or conference rooms.
  • Conference rooms are also shared, so prior arrangements on shared Google Calendar are necessary.
  • Drinking and eating are limited to the lounge and the kitchen. Tenants are allowed to drink at the lounge and eat and drink at the kitchen.
  • Tenants should take care of the utensils once they have used them.
  • Tenants should brew coffee on their own after putting 50 yen into a piggy bank on the kitchen table. It works the same for cold beverages or tea in the refrigerator.

  However, there are also benefits exclusive to the tenants along with the rules.

  • At 6 pm every day, free coffee is served by the office manager. During this time of the day tenants go over personal to business things over the cup of coffee, sometimes coming across an unexpected business opportunity.
  • Chefs come to cook for lunches one or two days every week. Though not complimentary, it provides an opportunity for tenants to network with each other.


Office hot spot

If Buzzvillians at Seoul HQ were to pick the office hot spot, 9 out of 10 pick “the focus room”. Since there are neither cubicles nor partitions at the office, they sometimes retreat to the private shell for full concentration.   But the office hot spot at the Tokyo office is a more private one: toilets. The most eye-catching feature is a “flushing sound effect” bell(as they name it). Whenever the “business” on the loo is about to make some weird sounds, the occupant rings the bell and for the next 20 seconds the sound of water flushing down the loo fills the air. As an ettiquete in front of other companies’ tenants, ring the bell when the thing inside you rings your bell! Along with the bell, the toilet was filled with thoughtful items like air freshener and electronic bidets that help people focus on the “business”(thus their real business later on as well). We wish there would be such items at Seoul HQ’s restrooms as well.

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