[Buzzvil News] Buzzvil at ad:tech Tokyo

_Booth of Buzzvil at Ad-tech Tokyo _

As mobile advertising platforms are being developed at a rapid pace these days, more and more companies are becoming interested in effective advertising technology. Last December, we had the chance to participate in one of the most popular global advertising technology conferences, introducing our services to various advertisers, publishers, and technology providers from 24 different countries around the globe.

The 7th annual ad:tech Tokyo attracted 17,000 attendees, 115 partners and exhibitors, and 182 speakers for 54 conferences and 6 keynotes. As a result, this year’s event turned out to be the largest global marketing event in Japan’s history, providing a glimpse at the visions of industry players. Marking Buzzvil’s first presence at an overseas industry conference, we took steps to further boost our presence as a global advertising company. The basic theme of our booth was a “snack bar” full of japanese confectioneries, enabling us to catch the eyes of attendees and introduce them to Buzzvil in a comforting environment.

We attended ad:tech Tokyo to promote Honeyscreen as a publishing platform in Japan, introduce BuzzScreen to the local market, and further establish Buzzvil as a global advertising business. With our distinctive booth drawing over a thousand visitors, we’re proud of our significant progress on all fronts.

Based on our accomplishments and lessons from ad:tech Tokyo, we will continue heavily promoting Buzzvil as a global company. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone at advertising industry conferences this year!

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