[Buzzvil News] Buzzvil X Taiwan Mobile, Strategic Partnership

On April 14th, Buzzvil Taiwan held a press luncheon at Taipei, Taiwan to officially announce a strategic partnership with Taiwan Mobile, the second largest mobile carrier in Taiwan.   With more than 70 invitees from leading media and advertising agencies, Buzzvil Taiwan announced the very first strategic partnership in history as a mobile application company with a mobile carrier in Taiwan. In addition, at the event, the potential of lock screen advertising in the Taiwan mobile industry was confirmed.   Through this strategic partnership, Taiwan HoneyScreen users are now able to enjoy the benefit of redeemed rewards to make mobile device usage fee free. We hope this partnership can accelerate the growth of our lock screen advertising business in Taiwan in the near future.  

Yue Yue Book Store (閱樂書店), Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

Joshua Kown, CSO

Cloe Chen, Managing Director, Taiwan


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