[Buzzvil People & Culture] Buzzvil in 2016 #2

Welcome to Buzzvil’s second quarterly people & culture update! In this post, we take a look back at the second quarter of 2016, and share some of our favorite memories from it.   Culture #1. Buzzvil New Office Grand Opening   Have you ever been to Buzzvil’s office? Located right in front of Seokchon Lake, it gives us many opportunities from spring to winter to enjoy the beautiful scenery. As we are growing fast in not only business but members, Buzzvil recently opened a brand new office on the 2nd floor under our existing 3rd floor office. Here are few images to show you around our new space! The new floor has a huge place for company meetings and open discussion, diverse sizes of meeting rooms under the names of the cities that Buzzvil will expand to someday, comfortable couches beside a huge bookshelf full of books, and last but not least, a PlayStation game room. Introducing Buzzvil’s new office to all of you!

  Culture #2. Cherry Blossoms at Beautiful Seokchon Lake Seokchon Lake is especially famous and crowded in the cherry blossom season. This beautiful park serves as a great place for both Seoul citizens and Buzzvilians to relax! Here are some of the photos of Seokchon Lake in bloom! Upon becoming a Buzzvillian, you will get the chance to walk in the park watching the petals cascade like snow in spring, and the snow beautifully embroidered alongside the lake in winter. We are hiring with 12 different yet interesting open positions. Please take a look People #2 Open Positions below for more information.

**Culture #3. Buzzvil Hoesiks ** On the last Thursday of the each month, Buzzvil holds a team building event and company dinner as a regular part of work culture. At Buzzvil, the “Hoesik” is meant to be a casual way for teammates to bond and strengthen their relationships, so we like to get a little creative with events such as movie nights, picnics, sports days, and more. As spring came to an end, Buzzvil threw a picnic as part of monthly hoesik at Olympic Park. We gathered to play basket ball, catch ball, volley ball, badminton and various card games while having the typical picnic companions “beer” and “chicken”. It was a truly bonding and fun time together.


People #1. Newcomers in Q2 We’d like to welcome three new Buzzvillians from a diverse range of backgrounds in Q2! We couldn’t be more excited to be working with them, and look forward to seeing what they contribute to our company and culture.

Cindy Yoo Global Operation Manager

Jane Choi Sales Operation Manager

Samuel Kwon Sales Manager

  People #2. Open positions Work with best-in-class people and partners from all over the globe who combine the fast-paced startup mindset with comprehensive real-world corporate experience. As of now, there are 14 different yet interesting open positions in Buzzvil as below. Each position is very important for Buzzvil’s growth. Please look at here for more specific job description. Buzzvil is hiring!  

  1. Sales Manager (Seoul, Korea)
  2. Sales Operation Manager (Seoul, Korea)
  3. HR & Culture Manager (Seoul, Korea)
  4. Global CS Manager (Seoul, Korea)
  5. Product Manager (Seoul, Korea)
  6. Developer - Front-end (Seoul, Korea)
  7. Developer - Data Analysis (Seoul, Korea)
  8. Developer - Database & AWS Infra (Seoul, Korea)
  9. Developer - Android (Seoul, Korea)
  10. Partnership Manager (Seoul, Korea)
  11. Business Intelligence Manager (Seoul, Korea)
  12. Business Development Manager (Seoul, Korea)
  13. Head of Finance (Seoul, Korea)
  14. Finance Manager (Seoul, Korea)
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