[Buzzvil News] "Best Partner"at Facebook Audience Network Forum

Buzzvil was awarded “the best successful partner” by Facebook Audience Network at Developer Forum held by FAN (Facebook Audience Network) back in October. Given the years of successful partnership, buzzvil shared the successful case and story of being a partner with FAN in front of many audiences including future publishers and developers.

The very first audience network forum by Facebook focused on partnership reinforcement for the publisher by offering a successful business case with a better advertising experience for the user. Buzzvil was lucky enough to share the past experiences and benefits that FAN offered in a real case story. In addition to sharing the successful case story with FAN, Buzzvil was able to present its business expansion plan and strategy.

According to Joshua Kwon from Buzzvil who was a speaker of the client success story at the forum, “We believe Facebook considered buzzvil as a strong partner not just because we are serving powerful high impact lockscreen inventory but we have a high potential of growth through a solid SDK expansion plan. We assume that is the main reason why Buzzvil was chosen to be the best case this year and we are going to do our best to continue partnership with FAN by thorough lookout on user quality and ad inventory”

As of December 2016, Buzzvil casts its business worldwide including Japan, Taiwan and US to be the no.1 lockscreen ad network player having HoneyScreen of B2C reward basis application and BuzzScreen of SDK based platform with 12M users. Buzzvil has expanded its partnerships with various partners such as OK Cashbag by SK Planet, Clip and Whowho by KT, and L-point by Lotte since launching in 2015. Going forward, Buzzvil continues its journey to becoming the biggest lockscreen ad network player. For this opportunity, we would like to thank the Facebook Audience Network Team again for choosing us as the best successful partner of the year. Thanks!

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