[Buzzvil People & Culture] Buzzvil in 2016 #3

Welcome to Buzzvil’s third people & culture update in 2016! In this post, we take a look back on the moments in Buzzvil’s past months, and share some of our favorite memories from them.

Culture #1. “Communication Training to Get to Know Each Other More”

Open communication is a key element for a startup like Buzzvil. It allows people to share their thoughts freely for better decision making. For better communication, Buzzvil prepared the very first communication training for all Buzzvillians at our very own auditorium to help understand communication styles based on each individual’s’ way of thinking and character.

Along with the ‘4MAT SYSTEM’, all Buzzvillians had the chance to explore further about not only themselves but also others who have different communication styles. It was interesting to find and notice differences and similarities in terms of communication styles and characters at the same time. Each of the four groups focused on different elements. Circle for engagement and meaning, square for certainty and information, triangle for execution and performance and the last but not the least, star for imagination and creation. We believe that all these four groups with very diverse personalities and focuses can work together at Buzzvil to continuously make a positive change.

Culture #2. “Buzzvil Fall Sports Day”

The season has come! Sports day in Fall is a must-have event at Buzzvil. The overflowing passion and energy made Buzzvil Sports Day more fun and exciting than ever! Let’s check out some of photos here.

Culture #3. “Buzzvillian Award”

Buzzvil makes much of the 5 values on talents culture; Self Leader, Team Player, Action Taker, Fast Learner and Problem Solver. Every Buzzvillian can be recognized and nominated by their co-workers through exceptional examples, to encourage and motivate fellow Buzzvillians.  Click here for further information about our talents culture.

People #1. “Newcomers in Q3”

We’d like to welcome eight new Buzzvillians from a diverse range of backgrounds in Q3! We couldn’t be more excited to be working with them, and look forward to seeing what they contribute to our company and culture.

People #2. “Open Positions”

Work with the best-in-class people and partners from all over the globe who combine the fast-paced startup mindset with comprehensive real-world corporate experience. As of now, there are 8 different yet interesting open positions in Buzzvil as below. Each position is very important for Buzzvil’s growth. Please look at here for more specific job description. Buzzvil is hiring!

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