[Buzzvil People & Culture] Buzzvil in 2016 #4

Welcome to Buzzvil’s the very last people & culture update in 2016! In this post, we take a look back on the moments in Buzzvil in this year, and share some of our favorite memories from them.

Culture #1. “Our Own Year-end Party”

The end of the year is hectic for everyone, but it’s also a great time to feel the warmth from everyone around us. As always, it’s been a very busy end of the year for Buzzvil as well. Despite the busy schedule, many Buzzvillians invested much time to prepare a “memorable and happy end of year party for Buzvillians.”

2016 was a special year for Buzzvil in many ways. 20 new Buzzvillians joined the company along with Slidejoy. As befitting of our title as the “lock screen ad network,” we earned the love of a diverse group of affiliates and advertisers throughout the year. We also promoted BuzzScreen throughout various events including ad:tech New York and Tokyo.

Special events were arranged to help us remember this very special year in the many years to come. Three teams of Buzzvillians put on a great show with their guitars after countless hours of preparing for this event. The Buzzvillian Awards to commend the achievements of the Buzzvillians of the Year. The CEO also graciously hosted an Ask-Me-Anything session to quench the curiosity of Buzzvillians. We shared special gifts through the Secret Santa event as well. Here are those delightful and happy memories we so fondly remember.

Culture #2. “Buzzvil Summer Workshop in Boracay”

Discreetly presenting… the Buzzvil Summer Workshop in Boracay

We are happy to present, albeit discreetly, the first overseas workshop for Buzzvil, “the Buzzvil Summer Workshop in Boracay” specially planned for the Buzzvilians who have worked so hard for the past four years. We have been hesitant to make this presentation given the slightly negative connotations that overseas workshops can have, but we hereby discreetly unveil this event as we look back on 2016, which has been a key time for rebuilding the Buzzvil culture.

Buzzvil will continue to strive diligently for excellence as it has done for the past four years, or rather, to surpass those years. Now let’s take a look at the happy summer days in Boracay where we got to bond and come to know each other even better!

Culture #3. “Work Hard, Play Harder”

Buzzvillians work hard and work smart, but they are also second to none when it comes to playing hard.

The spirited cries at the Buzzvil ping pong table marking the start of an overtime shift. The sound of guitar practice every lunch time. Goodbye parties with various themes to sadly yet fondly remember those who have parted ways. “Voluntary” company gathering on the weekends. Weekend tennis and badminton.

Things that could definitely not happen without a friendly workplace atmosphere happen here at Buzzvil. We look forward to an even more amicable year at Buzzvil in 2017.

People #1. “Newcomers in Q4”

We’d like to welcome six new Buzzvillians from a diverse range of backgrounds in Q4! We couldn’t be more excited to be working with them, and look forward to seeing what they contribute to our company and culture.

People #2. “Open Positions”

Work with the best-in-class people and partners from all over the globe who combine the fast-paced startup mindset with comprehensive real-world corporate experience. As of now, there are 8 different yet interesting open positions in Buzzvil as below. Each position is very important for Buzzvil’s growth. Please look at here for more specific job description. Buzzvil is hiring!

``We are Hiring!`` Buzzvil is finding a capable person. (Direct Link)

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