[Buzzvil Culture] 2017 #1 'Buzzvil Culture in Catch Phrases'

Catch Phrases All Over The Office

Size doesn’t matter when it comes to company culture. Every organization, regardless of how many people, can take advantage of the benefits that a company culture has to offer. Company culture reinforces the way a business operates with spoken and unspoken beliefs, and values among employees. It is evident in everything from how they dress, what time they come in, how they spend their lunch hours and how they create solutions for internal and external issues. This notion of working somewhere with a great culture holds a lot of weight for Buzzvil, a group of people that want to love the environment they work in. On that note, the co founders have decided to make a culture book to set values that are important to Buzzvil, connect people by the overall vision and goal of the company and provide a place that brings out the very best version of them.

Our purpose of making culture book was clear-cut, but its implementation was harder than expected. Some did not understand its content, and some was not even aware of its existence! So the CEOs and HR have decided to update the culture book and visualize it by displaying catch phrases all around the office that would convey the content in the culture book.

We carried out a ‘Catch Phrase Competition’ where Buzzvillians can throw out some creative yet meaningful ideas or catch phrases that best suit with place and atmosphere in the office. For the past 4 months, we had multiple meetings for revision: continuously editing, deleting, adding, and citing, until we got the final version. Buzzvillians are constantly putting out some great ideas into Slack for voting to be selected by other Buzzvillians. Prior to introducing the real catch phrases, we would like to show you some great ideas which weren’t selected this time.

Now with this great results in meaningful phrases in the office, we hope it helps cultivate our Buzzvil’s unique culture. In the near future, we hope this will play a big role as a formula that guides the team members, as well as inspires and motivates employees and also be responsible for attracting and attaining great talent, as well as creating a fun, happy and exciting work environment. If you are interested in Buzzvil’s culture further, please find here.

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