[Buzzvil People] Elena Kim, Global Operations Manager

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1.Please give us a quick introduction of yourself.

Hello, my name is Elena. I have very unique experience that I went Japan to study abroad during my college years in Korea after I was heavily influenced by my close friend. During the study abroad program I felt very attractive in Japan so I went Japanese college.   I majored in economics in a college in Tokyo and worked several years at a local Starbucks to be well blended into Japanese culture. Now, I think that I spent more time at Starbucks working than at school. The starbucks was like a home to me since I was spending lonely time alone at a foreign country. It was a very warm place to me due to good coworkers, customers and people who always welcomed me. I also learned many terminology that I wasn’t able to learn at school. During the work at Starbucks, I learned not only Japanese buy also how important it is to maintain good relationship with coworkers and to head to the same direction with them. I used to be very shy who cannot start conversation with someone but my personality also changed a lot after I worked at Starbucks. After all of these experience, I came back to Korea after 6 years in Japan.


2. What brings you to Buzzvil?

I was able to find a job posting of Buzzvil on a career website. Honesty, I was using an application of company , Lat** Screen, which is a competitor of Buzzvil but I was confident in my words during interview since Buzzvil was known to be a nonrefundable application. While I was feeling difficulty with using Lat** Screen and wondering how other companies dealing with lock-screen service operate their business, I found job posting of Buzzvil, so I applied. Because I did not receive any reply from Buzzvil, I thought I did not make it and came up to Seoul (I’m originally from Daegu). But, on the first night in Seoul, I received an interview phone call from Angelo who was BD in Japan at that time. Since I was in Seoul, I had an interview in the next day and it was very impressive by the fact that many people came to work on Saturday and Ping-Pong table was placed in a small conference room. I received acceptance phone call on my way home and it was beginning of my life at Buzzvil. I believe life is full of unexpected happenings.


3. What is your role at Buzzvil?

I worked in marketing department regarding Japanese honey-screen during the first 6 months. After that I have been working in Japanese operation department and CS department in the same application. Main work in operation department is allocation of contents displayed in the lock screen. During work hour, I try to select hot news by thinking how Japanese people will take and allocate them. I used to think I wasn’t able to get Japanese news as much as I did in Japan but actually, I’m reading more Japanese trends faster now by allocating news every day after started working at Buzzvil. Buzzvil development team have been working very hard to create more customized contents for its users. I am helping them developing new contents with more specific targets and allocating good contents by categorizing contents by age and sex. It is the most challenging to find contents that young teenagers would like to know. We are checking reactions of users on our contents through CTR (Click Through Rate). The operation manager is very sensitive to 0.1 of CTR due to its job characteristic. After we recently applied new logic into CTR, CTR increased by 20% and I truly appreciate to BI team and Elia who create this Logic and to Tony as well who had left our company. But we all know that we are not satisfied with the 20 percent, we are aiming for higher goal. CS works can be simply described as solving complaints and concerns of users. Inquiries from users are various including the ones that can be easily solved and the ones that needs huge support from development team. I always feel our service need to be improved as paying attention to all inquiries created by users.  The work is tough sometimes, however, I strongly believe our CS works would not get any better without inquires of our users. Sometimes, I face difficult situations since I work very closely with users, but I feel huge satisfaction when I sometimes receive thank you mail from them. Every time I receive thank you mail I really think the world is such a beautiful place and get motivated. The most memorable customer was who recommended me to change AM, PM in lock screen to 오전,오후. I remember I had to read it multiple times to fully understand it. I though there are many kinds of people in the world and service should be conducted in a very respectful and kind manner. Finally, even though it is not work related, I once taught Japanese to buzzvillians. Sometimes there were things that I wasn’t sure, so I feel sorry to them. I used to study Japanese by books or watching “Hotaru No Hikari”. By helping out other person in Japanese I could remind my old days. It was little stressful in preparing lectures in the beginning, not because I did not have time but I wasn’t explaining in very funny and easy way as I expected. I always thought in my head whether people were satisfied with my lecture or not. However, it was good to see them getting familiar with Japanese culture. (Currently, I do not lecture Japanese anymore. Japanese Class Slack chat is still opened, please let me know if anyone knows so I can leave.)


4. How does it feel to work at a startup?

I think working at a start-up company takes a lot of responsibilities. Buzzvil’s company culture is more relaxed compared to other similar companies in terms of work hours and workload. My works are not really limited in time and space and none of coworkers is giving me a hire pressure. But it is important to finish one’s work by him/herself on time. It might be easy to be too relaxed due to this type of company culture, however, it is not always the case because everyone in Buzzvil is willing to take their responsibilities. They have even more responsibilities to themselves, because they have to set a goal for themselves and push by themselves to accomplish the goal.


5. Is there something that you can say “this is the best part being Buzzvillians”?

I love that Buzzvil is full of intelligent people. I have a colleague who study foreign language in her busy schedule, and a colleague who start with no background information about her work but became a quick learner, and a colleague who comes up with brilliant ideas in group projects. They always motivate me and we are experiencing a synergy effect with all of these brilliant people.

6. Do you have a personal goal or dream? If so, how does your experience at Buzzvil help you?

I want to be a very sparklingly bright person. I want to lead my life with my own so I try to spend every single day with my best. One day, I experienced an earthquake when I was in Japan, after the experience, I’ve always wanted to live my every day with my best. That’s why I always carry “Here & Now” mind in my heart. I am always motivated at Buzzvil because I have to work independently. Instead of just working as time flows, I have to make neat schedule and work on it by myself. I will truly appreciate to Buzzvil if I can become a very bright person in the future as I’ve wanted.

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