[Buzzvil News] Lockscreen Giants Combine, Buzzvil Acquires Slidejoy

January 2017, We are very pleased to announce that Buzzvil is merging with Slidejoy, the largest lockscreen service provider in US. Buzzvil prepared this big secret global expansion project back in early 2016 and finally we are making it public! During the past 4 years, Buzzvil fiercely pursued to be a global lockscreen advertising player expanding its business in Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Indonesia; mostly Asian countries. Now here we are, as a combined company with Slidejoy, Buzzvil can be a truly global player in lockscreen advertising business delivering 4 billion ad impressions each month diversifying its geographic footprint. It is the very first merger for Buzzvil since its founding in 2012 and is meaningful in that Korean based startup acquired US startup. Slidejoy pioneered lockscreen advertising in the US and became the market leader with over a million users and dozens of advertisers in 23 different countries across the world. Slidejoy was crowned ahead of Facebook as the most addictive app in the US by SurveyMonkey intelligence.

The acquisition of Slidejoy is Buzzvil’s emergence as a truly global company with operation in Asia and now, the Americas. Slidejoy is the perfect opportunity for us to diversify our geographic footprint while bringing on a world-class team from Standford, Wharton MBA and Goldman Sachs. By working with the highly motivated and talented Slidejoy team, Buzzvil now can apply Machine learning based AI(Artificial Intelligence) to its back-end system to make whole different changes on providing high quality service. We are truly thrilled to position to propel lockscreen advertising forward and shape the mobile advertising landscape worldwide with our combined scale and geographic reach in 2017. If you are interested in 6 of great looking guys from Slidejoy, please read more.

Buzzvil has been running ‘BuzzScreen’ as its main service, a SDK service to enable 3rd party applications to experience lockscreen advertising features, and its own lockscreen reward application ‘HoneyScreen’ in Asia for B2C purpose. On top of that, Buzzvil will continuously run ‘Slidejoy’ for users in Americas and Europe as well. Buzzvil currently serves dozens of partners from diverse countries and industries worldwide and won’t stop reaching out to potential partners offering customized SDK integration service for lockscreen advertising.

With simple SDK integration to activate the lockscreen, partners of BuzzScreen can create a completely new revenue stream by monetizing existing users and boost engagement and loyalty like Slidejoy and HoneyScreen. Users can also earn reward points just by using a BuzzScreen-powered lockscreen and redeem points for a more affordable mobile experience. BuzzScreen is the first lockscreen ad network in the world with a globally recognized lockscreen advertising technology patent. As of now, BuzzScreen has various partners from diverse industries such as OK Cashbag by SK Planet, Clip and Whowho by KT, L-point by Lotte, Blue Jay, Axiata - Asia’s largest telecommunication companies, Softbank Telecom, and Taiwan Mobile. Buzzvil will reach out to more MVNO partners to have a BuzzScreen partnership in US.

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