[Buzzvil Culture] 2017 #2 'Get to Know Each Other'

Buzzvil Hoesik (Company Retreat) in Jaunary. “Get to Know Each Other!”

[Group 1: Weird Family]

We’ve all arrived at parties where we barely know anyone and not used to be. There’s this uncomfortable sense that people are staring, wondering who we are, yet we keep on walking in.

At Buzzvil, year 2016 was a very special year as the number of employees have doubled compared to last year. Every single Buzzvillians needed to acclimate to this change.

[Group 2: To get to know each other, We changed our faces]

[Group 3: The Creation of Breakfast]

Therefore, January’s hoesik was to welcome newcomers and socialize everyone with one another under the title of “Get to know each other!” People who might not have a chance to work with much or be familiar to be with are grouped together to self-arrange their own hoesik and take a photo that best represents their team’s hoesik. All photos from seven different groups were put into a vote and everyone would pick the top 2 best photos that best represent themselves.

[Group 4: Friendship, FOREVER]

[Group 5: Fury of Intern]

This was a great opportunity for newcomers to get to know their colleagues and Buzzvil culture as a whole. As an introduction of new Buzzvillians and as a celebration for the rest, we had a great time to get to know each other. Here’s a little taste of our January hoesik including indoor climbing, board game, movie night and so on!

[Group 6: Ben’s]

[Group 7: Watching Korean Movie with American]

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