[Buzzvil Culture] 2017 #3 'Culture Book Version Update!' (English)

Buzzvil’s Spring Treat! “Culture Book Version Update!”

1) What Culture Means to Buzzvil

Buzzvil will be 5 years old this May. By definition, we’re probably no longer a startup, yet there is no other word that so accurately describes who we are. While Buzzvil offers employees with embraces those fun things like a pingpong table, playstation, and workshop to a vacation spots like Boracay, startup actually means something much more when it comes to culture.

This is very much reflected in Buzzvil’s interview process as well. Hiring managers would aim to engage candidates on the issue of Buzzvil’s culture and ask what kind of work environment they feel most comfortable in. One approach, is to talk about and compare the organizational culture at the candidate’s current or former company with that of the hiring company. And this naturally leads the conversation to more specific issues such as Buzzvil’s core values and ‘Who We Are’ that are stated in Buzzvil’s Culture Book. That being said, Buzzvil dares to say ‘even if a potential employees are adept at the skills required for the positions, they are hired by the company if they are a cultural fit for us.’

2) Why ‘Culture Book’ was Made

In the midst of 2013, when Buzzvil was in a phase of mass recruitment, there were a lot of people coming and going. Everyone had a different background, language, beliefs and habits hence different absence of a consensual culture. This led company to consider culture an essential part for Buzzvil because we learned from our previous experience that culture brings all the employees on a common platform and unites them. So during the hot summer of 2014, Buzzvil had a regular meeting and defined the meaning of culture and conceptualized Buzzvil’s culture that could be shared with the employees.

3) Culture Book Update for v.2

Although the release of the first version of Culture Book was completed, it did not turn out as company expected : employees did not understand the content which was quite ambiguous, the difference between vision and mission was not clear, and in fact, some was not even aware of its existence. In 2016, the Culture Book made its turn as necessary step.

As the number of employees tripled, Buzzvil thought it was necessary for a transformation to be made. So we identified a list of words that would best describe Buzzvil’s personality with a consensus that it is easy to write clichéd adjectives but to actually have the employees sympathize the content is a different story. So the Culture Book was pivoting around Buzzvil’s stories from the past when there were happy moments as well as sad, frustrating moments and also Buzzvillian Award stories recommended by employees.

4) Cultural Integration with Slidejoy

And by coincident, Buzzvil acquired Slidejoy around the time it almost completed the first draft of the new version of Culture Book. This was the perfect opportunity for both to be positioned to propel lockscreen advertising forward and become one step closer to Buzzvil’s vision ‘to optimize the first screen of mobile and to better connect users with the world.’ And once the vision was set, Buzzvil’s mission became clear: To enable advertisers and publishers to engage with users on the first screen of mobile. This was a declaration of Buzzvil’s purpose as a company that served as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions.

Not only the integration of the business objective was important but also the cultural integration could not be neglected. So with Rob, the former co-founder and CEO of Slidejoy, there was a weekly meeting with a topic solely for culture. Both companies addressed their culture and its priorities, developed a point of view on culture, and focused on the “how” of culture that would be long-lasting and resilient and that would consist of implicit shared values, behavior. In the end, we came up with lists of keywords, adjectives, and concept that best represent both companies values.

5) And here comes Buzzvil Culture Book Version 2

The Culture Book also included Buzzvillians’ five characteristics (Self-Leader, Fast Learner, Action Taker, Problem Solver and Team Player) and its qualities respectively. For example, one of the characteristics is ‘Action Taker’ and its qualities include ‘Just Get it Done’ and ‘Be Bold’ and employees would its acronym ‘JGID’ and ’BB’ in emails or company messenger to encourage their peers to be an action taker. This itself was a big leap because it meant the Culture Book was working and that the culture was being spread internally day by day. (emoji)

It’s the businesses that chase a vision that will truly change the market. But the vision must first start internally. From the company’s employees to the company’s core values, every aspect of the business must embody the mission if we want to thrive. This is why Buzzvil believes establishing a powerful company culture is not something that is “nice-to-have” but something that is a “must-have.”

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