[Buzzvil Culture] 2017 #5 'Buzzvil Challenge Board' (English)

Buzzvillians Challenge Board for Q1, Go Big or Go Home!

At Buzzvil, we are running a ‘Challenge Board’ system every quarter to encourage challenges made by the team members. If the team member writes a goal on the board in the beginning of the quarter and achieves that goal, he or she will receive a rewarding prize from Buzzvil. Team members can encourage each other when they set and share their personal goals, and the time spent for their challenges will be the energy to keep them going. Challenge Board is not just about achieving goals, but it is also to encourage and help team members to make through their challenges for one’s personal growth. We believe a good company should not just try to purse the growth of the company, but also encourage team members’ personal development. There were many great challenges in this first quarter as well. Starting from our foreign designer’s goal to memorize 1,000 Korean words, there were many different challenges such as climbing up Halla Mountain, mastering beginner’s Chinese, playing one song by playing guitar, and more. We had a short interview with Sophia*, who received most supports and attention among various challenges from Buzzvillians for her goal to ‘Make an Android App’ by herself. (*Sophia is currently working as a Global Business Manager in Global Team.)

1. Is there a special reason for your challenge to make an application?

As a business manager working in an IT company, there are many opportunities where I can work with the engineers. Through my observation while working with experienced engineers, I was able to see screens full of code and pick up difficult terms, which genuinely interested me. I wanted to understand how the application works. I hoped that the experience of creating an app myself would add depth to my understanding of the product while improving my communication skills as well.  Creating my own code through many trials and errors, I found answers to my questions which stemmed from my many curiosities. I also developed a deep respect towards the engineers I’m working with.

2. Please let us know what service provided on your app.

The name of this app is called ‘Madonna’. I tried to give an aesthetically pleasing name by shortening the full name - ‘My Donation App’.  Madonna, which I can say, a corporate social responsibility project, has an aim to contribute to society. Having worked for an international organization for a year, I was always interested in various charity programs. Currently, I am working in an advertising industry. Despite advertising and charity work begin very different from each other, fortunately, I could combine these two very well. The app provides user with a selection of different projects that she or he can choose based on interests. Afterwards a series of paid advertisements will be played in which the more the users participates, the more money will be generated. The revenue generated from viewing the advertisements will be sent as donations to the charity organizations.

3. Wasn’t it tough to make an app within 3 months as you are a non-computer science major?

Luckily, the technology required to display advertisements was already provided in a SDK module, so I could make the app without much difficulties. First, I studied the structure of listview in attempts to create it by myself. With the listview, I was able to connect different charity projects into the SDK module. Therefore, when one selects a donation project which he or she would like to donate to from the list there would be a connected advertisement. Of course, there were some difficulties as well. It wasn’t easy from the start when I had to install a program called Android Studio. Moreover, it was challenging for me to build a signed APK  to upload the app on Google Play Store, which is common sense for the developers. However, as I’m working in an environment with many developers  I could successfully complete this project with helpful advice.

[Sophia’s local development environment]

4. Will you continue to update and run this app?

I spent all my weekends to create this app for 3 months, so it’s very precious to me. I want to make this app better. Because I was only given a short period of time to complete the project, I could only focus on coding , so I couldn’t really prioritize the UX, ASO or SEO which I could have improved on. After updating these parts, I would like to try marketing for this app and interact with the users too. If it becomes successful, then I also have a desire to be affiliated with Creative Lab*by Buzzvil. With my background, having done advertising and non-profit charity work I am very passionate about this project and would like to garner support from my company in order to make this project into something much bigger. *Creative Lab is a project lab created by Buzzvil. Buzzvil supports designers, business managers, and developers to freely try and create products on their own.

[Donation Receipt of Madonna]

5. We are excited for your next quarter’s challenge. Did you already set a plan?

After making an Android app, now I want to try making an iPhone app and also attach a server to it as well. But before that, I would like to concentrate on studying algorithms as it is the foundation of computer programming therefore allowing me to create more efficient, intricate and diverse projects. Last weekend, I participated in an algorithm competition called Google Code Jam and successfully passed the qualification round. I felt excited when I solved a problem after thinking hard for several hours. My goal for this quarter is to pass round 3 from Google Code Jam. For those working in an IT company, such as myself, I believe their skillset is conducive to coding, so I would recommend coding as a hobby, because of the feeling of accomplishment and personal growth.

There is nothing better than to challenge yourself to develop your personal skills. It acts as a medium which helps to find your hidden potential and make you feel rewarded. In the end, we will get valuable experiences as we challenge, and develop from these experiences to become successful. I hope that all Buzzvillians will live as challengers in their lives :)

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