[Buzzvil Culture] 2017 #6 'Vision Alignment'

Vision Alignment Session for 2017 and more. 

Buzzvil invests in employee trainings that are essential for specific purposes even if it is not related to our business. Because we believe that incorporating training that can develop Buzzvillians themselves can also promote greater job satisfaction as a whole. This is why Buzzvil provides tailored trainings in collaboration with Paul & Mark, a renowned consulting company, on a quarterly basis. We use the word ‘tailored’ because the training is based upon the needs of the employee, the position and the organization during that quarter.

The very 1st training this year was about ‘Vision Alignment’. This four-hour course was specifically focused on conveying the importance of Buzzvil’s vision, ‘To optimize the first screen of mobile to better connect users with the world’, and how it could be aligned with Buzzvillians as an individual and as a team.

1. Identifying Buzzvil’s vision and mission

The facilitator would explain the definition of vision and mission in detail and identify the difference between the two.

2. Writing your own vision statement

The facilitator would throw the question ‘where am I/we going?’ and would have the employees gather in a group and briefly share their thoughts. This is when the employees would write a statement regarding future growth and change which infuses long term energy with the purpose of helping the organization create high and sustainable performance.

3. Identifying Buzzvillians’ core values

The facilitator would have the employees write down what they believe in. In detail, they should write an individual core value that answers what the basis of their life decisions and directions are, and organizational core value that represents the organizational identity, supports the vision and culture.

4. Aligning Buzzvil’s vision with individual’s vision

This activity helps employees to map out their own vision and how it could be applied to Buzzvil’s vision and vice versa.

Every organization has a vision of where it is going and what it wants to have achieved several years out. The formulation of vision, and continuous reference to vision as the frame of reference for building the future have become the norm in many organizations. Many leaders invest considerable time to ensure that the vision is shared, that it is well communicated and understood.

Yet despite all the attention given to vision, in reality, it is often ignored. This is why the Buzzvil’s CEOs wanted to generate a set of integrated lines of action and reduce the lack of specificity. Through this four-hour session, many of the employees were able to set a roadmap and that guides every aspect of our business by describing what they need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth.

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