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1.Please give us a quick introduction of yourself.

Hello. I am Sophia Kim, who is in charge of global strategy at Buzzvil. I was always passionate about solving problems since I was young. I was a driven child who strived to accomplish things that many children would not have been concerned with at my age. I wanted to fix the inequalities and to resolve irrationalities in life. I thought I should be the one to solve the problems of the social minority and the poverty of the international community. Therefore, I went to Geneva, Switzerland as an exchange student and worked as an intern at the United Nations in Geneva. Afterwards, I returned back to Seoul, entered a public enterprise in charge of ODA (Official Development Assistance) and dealt with national development strategies. I worked extremely hard to be in this position, running without bounds at the thought of being able to make a significant change. As I started to work, however, I realized that I could not pour my overflowing passion into being the role of a manager, who evaluated and stamped documents. The strength to change the world does not come from authority or power but derives from the ability to think and act righteously. Rather than “Desire for position,” the “Desire for ability” was what I had to strive for. Therefore in order to realize and develop my own abilities, I began the next chapter of my life working in a startup.


2. What brings you to Buzzvil?

I was looking for a place where I could work in a global environment, rapidly feel the change of the future, and maximize my capabilities. Buzzvil provides an innovative mobile lock screen service and I have an opportunity to work with colleagues of diverse backgrounds, which perfectly matched my hopes and aspirations. What’s more attractive to me is that the business model is not copied from a foreign success case, but the idea is made from the scratch in Korea by creating a new market. Challenging traditional depictions of what a business developer would look like, regardless of gender, age, experience, I wanted prove my abilities to make a business.


**3. What is your role at Buzzvil?**

I am in charge of overseas business development. It is a fabulous job creating the first lockscreen experience for 22 different countries around the world. The scope of my range that I am responsible for includes developing new markets, strategic decision making and international partnership.   In order to watch over many countries at once, the ability to collect vast amounts of data and screening out selective information is needed. When deciding on whether to enter strategic market countries, I predict the potentiality of the market based on data. The ability to negotiate and accomplish a contract are also important for international partnership. I am learning a lot by directly doing everything mentioned above. Even though people might think handling vast amount of work would be stressful, everyday is filled with excitement and freshness thanks to the rapidly expanding scope of work. Overseas business development, which continues to pop up in new countries whenever one becomes stable, is the ideal position for an intense person such as myself.


4. How does it feel to work at a startup? or advertising industry?

Contrary to popular belief, advertising isn’t meant to be annoying, instead it is a state of the art business, where new technologies are made and developed. Particularly, what I find attractive is the ecosystem of the advertising industry.  There is a real-time bidding market (RTB) similar to the stock market where we see various businesses derived from one another. With such a diverse business environment, I find it very enriching to learn the different models. The advertising industry is also the industry with the largest number of M&A. It is really interesting to observe the life cycle of a company that begins, grows, and perishes in a short period of time. Last year, I was able to participate in the process of M&A when Buzzvil took over an American company, Slidejoy. Being a dynamic market, it has endless business possibilities that can be created with partners. I am developing my expertise in the area of monetization with advertising. In order to pioneer the new market of lockscreen, I must understand the various platforms such as RTB, DSP, SSP, PMP and properly adapt it into the product. I also need to think about how to maximize the profit without disrupting the user’s experience. In this process, I am building up my know-how about UX/UI, analyzing data, and improving the product.


5. Is there something that you can say “this is the best part being Buzzvillians”?

Buzzvil is a company that focuses on a set of essential values. Instead of focusing on formalities, procedures, hierarchies and ceremonies, we concentrate on improving business models with good decision making, relationships and trust.We put all our energy into open communication and execution instead of complicated hierarchical procedures. The office is a place where I spend most of my day creating something new with good people. Thanks to this culture at Buzzvil, not only am I growing in terms of my business decision making, but also I am building up the power to distinguish the important factors that contribute to making a proper decision.


6. Do you have a personal goal or dream? If so, how does your experience at Buzzvil help you?

I want to be a passionate person throughout my life. I am afraid of being dull as time goes by, becoming content with what I have already accomplished. The desire to meet more people, to know more about the new world, to rethink what’’s taken for granted and point it towards another direction is what I want to be driven by. I am proud that our company is not a place where we are forced to be monotonous but individuality is respected and highly regarded. Through positive acknowledgments of their uniqueness, employees produce the best results. I look forward to working with more fantastic people, full of creativity, in the future.

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