[Buzzvil Culture] 2017 #7 'Buzzvil at Seokchon Lake'

A few perks of having office around Seokchon Lake.

Commuting to work surrounded by the nature may be something trivial but is an important factor if we consider the influence of the environment on an individual. Buzzvil is located in a beautiful spot overlooking the Seokchon Lake. In and out of the office, there are many flowers, trees, and the pleasure of seeing the sunlight. Seeing the beautiful April Cherry Blossom Festival, Seokchon Lake public exhibition art project, Rubber Duck, Super Moon, and Sweet Swan under progress are few of the many pleasures we have.

A lot of people will think of Lotte World when they hear the word ‘Seokchon Lake’. To muster up energy, Buzzvillians went to Lotte World this month! 

[Seokchon lake in Spring]

[Seokchon lake in Fall]

Why Monthly Hoesik?

We go on retreats for a multitude of reasons, but the most important is getting the entire team together in one relaxed space where no one has to stress over day-to-day tasks. It’s a time where we put names to faces, get to know each other’s personalities in real life, and of course plan for the growth of the products. There is just something magical about getting the entire team together.  Photos of Buzzvil’s monthly hoesik to Lotte World are finally released :) !

Work hard, play harder.! We are hiring, Join the Buzzvil!

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