[Buzzvil Culture] 2017 #8 'Buzzvil Workshop 2017'

Long-awaited annual workshop! 

For some, the thought of attending a weekend sleepover with your coworkers sounds like a nightmare full of forced, corny team building activities. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Every year, Buzzvil invites all employees including Global office members to the HQ for a week long pre-workshop and workshop. Pre-workshop is mainly to introduce new team members, share team sessions that envisions Buzzvil’s roadmap, any new updates on the business side and last but not least, wine party!

Workshop is usually an opportunity given to all for leisure activities that are productive, memorable, and most importantly, fun. (Last year was Boracay!).

Our initial plan was all set to head for Cebu, the Philippines until it declared martial law amid ongoing fighting in the country. We had to cancel the trip to Cebu for the sake of Buzzvillians’ safety and had to look for plan B just two weeks before the workshop date. Although the schedule was tight and almost seemed impossible to find an accommodation, we were able to find a place- Gosung, Gangwondo.

Before checking in, we visited Naksan Temple (Naksansa) that is located 4 km north of Naksan Beach, with a 1,300-year history. It is a temple built by Ui-Sang, from Silla Period (57 BC- 935 AD), and inside is the Seven Story Stone Tower, Dongjong, together with several other cultural assets. Once we got to the resort, we played dodgeball, chicken fight and some other activities on the beach which remind us the Buzzvil sports day back in October.

Then went straight for the BBQ buffet for free time for more organic bonding opportunities. Going through all kind of games for bonding from Korea, US, Taiwan, and Japan, another unforgettable memory has been with us. The energy and power behind Buzzvil is not only from the bright side of business, but also the passion that every single buzzvillian originally has.

Although our change in destination have had given a limited time for workshop, it was a great opportunity for members from US, TW and JP to get to know member from KR and have some quality time with a right mix of business, activities and free time. Where is next destination then?

To work well is not enough! Buzzvil is full of fun! We are hiring, Join the Buzzvil!

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