[Buzzvil People] Haley Hong, Software Engineer
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August 5, 2017
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August 25, 2017

[Buzzvil People] Haley Hong, Software Engineer

Buzzvil People took the opportunity to introduce each Buzzvillians with a variety of backgrounds, personality, and thoughts. If you are wondering how best colleagues in Buzzvil are gathering to create the best team, if you are curious about each of the colorful Buzzvillians, please pay attention to Buzzvil People.


1.Please give us a quick introduction of yourself.

Hello! My name is Haley, Hong Seo Jeong, and I have been a developer at Buzzvil for about one and a half years now. Though my seemingly quiet outward experience, I think I am a more active person than originally perceived. I even enthusiastically participate in the lunch time table tennis match that can not be left out when describing Buzzvil. Excitedly playing table tennis with fellow coworkers often takes out my stress and helps me gain a lot of energy to start work for the afternoon. Last winter, at a session at an end of year party where Buzzvillians played guitar and sang, I taught a few lessons of the guitar to people who seemed interested in guitar performance. That experience remained as a good memory, and I hope to form a band in Buzzvil someday.

Though I work as a developer now, truthfully, just 3 years ago I was a beginner student learning how to enter “Hello world!” in C-language at a liberal arts class in university. Before that, my area of study was something nothing to with work right now, the field of Biology. It was not bad but I was always in doubt whether this was the right road or not. Since I had like science from an early age I chose my path thinking it would not matter if it is in a related area. But after studying it, Biology was a study about understanding given natural phenomenon through research. However, the value that I sought after was closer to creating and using new things rather than just stopping at research. Compared to Biology, Computer Science was a study made by humans and thus every part of it was controllable and logical, and the fact that it was so closely related to everyday life was appealing. Coding, that I started learning as an academic field at a liberal arts class after promising myself not to merely long for it, made me the person I am today.

Coding that I first learned in the liberal arts class was even more enjoyable than what I had expected and I wanted to learn more. Of course, because it was a completely different field of study, I thought day and night about it, but eventually came to a conclusion that I should study what my heart tells me to and started to study Computer Science. It seems these were very important moments of choice that lead me to introduce myself as a Buzzvil developer!


2. What brings you to Buzzvil?

After beginning to start studying Computer Science and spending a busy couple of semesters, I became curious as to how programs that are used widely are made by people, not the task programs I had made up until then. I still had a semester left so I looked for an internship and I was introduced to a place in Buzzvil from a school friend who worked for the Buzzvil Global team. I knew nothing about the advertisement industry but I became interested in the item of lock screens and the unique cultures in start-up companies. Also, I thought it would be better in a start-up than a larger company to learn about the different types in the development sector.

I remember not knowing what I was saying due to my nervousness in the fact that this was my first coding interview, but thankfully I was offered a spot. After a few days, for the final interview, I had coffee with the CEO and the timing was interesting in that it was the day before the first day of work for the development team interns who were selected beforehand. I had a talk with him in a relaxed environment and as I was heading home, I received a phone call asking if I can come to work the next day. In the happiness of my acceptance, I said of course and I remember starting the very next day without a single amount of preparation.

3. What is your role at Buzzvil?

I am responsible for developing the Android Client in the development team. The Android Client that Buzzvil deals with can be largely sorted into two, the application and the SDK. In the application part, I am in charge of work such as developing distinct functions additionally needed in Buzzvil’s application ‘HoneyScreen’ and ‘Slidejoy’, connecting other advertisements with SDK to show on the lock screen, creating the server API needed for the application.

Work for the SDK part is focused on Buzzvil’s lock screen BuzzScreen, how to supply publishers with easier ways to materialize the BuzzAd SDK that is an offerwall SDK. In the case of SDK, because we materialize functions on the publishers’ apps, the functions already qualified through use are made even safer, and are made easier for the publishers to link. Because it is especially difficult to fix a client development once it has been distributed, we need to carefully develop and perform detailed checks.


4. How does it feel to work at a startup? or advertising industry?

Because Buzzvil is my first workplace, I can not compare my experiences to other start-ups or other companies but I feel a lot from a place so distinctive. Just the atmosphere of the workplace makes me feel like my freshman year of university. We go to Lotte World for a get-together, have an athletics carnival once a year, and we can choose a place with a nice view to work. Forming close bonds with colleagues in such a free and energetic environment seems to be the reason why everything is the way it is. So, when I tell the people around me about the things that happen every day at Buzzvil, they are often amazed at how a company can be like so.

Also, because it is a start-up, my sense of duty about what I do remains very big. If I make a mistake, unless someone spots it and fixes it, it becomes the actual service and affects many people. On the other hand, because my efforts bear fruit so quickly, it makes me want to work quicker and faster, inputting a sense of work greed in me.


5. Is there something that you can say “this is the best part being Buzzvillians”?

I think Buzzvil has a fantastic company culture. In an environment that is equal and free, anyone can speak out loud and not only that, there are programs that encourage the growth of all such as  Challenge Board that encourages the fulfillment of private goals, Buzzvillian Award that reawakens the concept of talent. A main goal of the company made to just to show others are only used as advertising on the company website and in self-introductory statements of workers and often as a good subject for gossip. Buzzvil does not do that, putting reasonable reason that all can understand behind its main goal and accepts opinions of many, communicating endlessly think about the best for everyone. Due to this, we were able to grow such a good culture that we were nominated for the Top3 best-cultured start-up early this year with Baemin and Smart Study.


6. Do you have a personal goal or dream? If so, how does your experience at Buzzvil help you?

I think a developer is someone who materializes dreams by making ideas into working products. Personally, I wish to keep learning different fields and become a developer that can make even impossible looking dreams into reality.

Before coming to Buzzvil, I only had curiosity and the will for learning and knew nearly nothing about the skills needed. Working at Buzzvil helped me learn much from several excellent people. In the beginning, I could not understand the new terms that were sent back and forth at scrum every day even though it was Korean. Even though I asked many people around me and was troublesome, they all explained kindly, praised and encouraged me so that I could work harder without giving up during difficult times.

Though I am still very insufficient and clumsy, making many mistakes, I will keep growing to one day become an excellent developer who says Buzzvil can not be left out in my groundwork for growth.