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1. Please give us a quick introduction of yourself.

Hello. My name is House and I am working in the BD(Business Development) team at Buzzvil. Once people hear my name, most of them ask me back ‘House? As in a place you live. I chose this name not just because its pronunciation is most similar to the way my Korean name is pronounced, but because I wanted it to literally mean the ‘House’. I figured that it would be the most natural name for me to have as well as anyone else calling me by that name. For your information, my Korean name is Ha, Heung Su. As you can tell from the way I chose my English name, I have a very intuitive personality. When selecting high-involvement products such as a car, I simply follow my intuition based on a just few points that satisfy me, rather than go through long and careful consideration. I have to admit that my intuitive personality makes me feel regret once in a while but I am still trying to live with the faith in decisions that I make based on my intuition and feeling. After all, that is how I was able to meet the best wife. Unlike many people mentioning in their introductions that they are different from how they look, my personality are appearance are pretty much alike. I like to have a fun, hang out with my friends, be positive, and have a drink, all of which anyone can tell from how I look. I don’t usually feel awkward meeting with someone for the first time. I like to make a joke from time to time and I feel a sense of proud making people laugh at my joke. (Or it is probably because people working at Buzzvil are just nice overall.)


2. What brings you to Buzzvil?

I started my career at one of major travel agencies selling wholesale tour packages at home and abroad. During 4 years of my career in the travel agency, I was responsible for performing various tasks ranging from B2B sales to marketing. While I was carrying out Facebook marketing project, which was not usual thing at that time, I started building a desire to have a career in the field of mobile, witnessing that more users were shifting to mobile every day. So, I decided to leave the company that was still dwelling on Web 2.0. While I was in between jobs for a few months after having quit the former job, I studied mobile marketing, attended seminars talking about trends, and then joined a commerce startup as a member of a marketing team.  Although, I was sometimes offered jobs from companies in the same industry as my former job, I sticked to my principle and turned them all down, making my wife further suffer financially. I want to say that I love her. Buzzvil was one of advertising companies at the commerce startup for which I was in charge of the mobile app marketing and that is how I got to know Buzzvil. During that time, we made repeated attempts through various channels to get results with a limited amount of budget. I was very impressed with the meaningful result that the number of users had increased through ‘HoneyScreen’, Buzzvil’s own lock screen advertising application, and offerwall services from various partners of Buzzvil such as 11st and OCB and I came to apply for Buzzvil, driven by this pleasant experience. It took 3 interviews and 3 weeks from application to admission and I was able to realize why Buzzvil was so selective about recruiting its members after I came to work for the company and witnessed excellent levels of performances of Buzzvillians.


**3. What is your role at Buzzvil?**

As a member of the Buzzvil BD team, I keep in mind that I am a face of Buzzvil before my duty. I am sorry that Buzzvil’s face has to have this look but I am in charge of Business Development for ‘BuzzScreen’ in Korea, which is lockscreen Ad Network that Buzzvil mainly focuses on. The duty of BD managers is not limited to simply providing pre-determined products to partner companies but it is rather deliberating business and technical aspects of products from the perspective of partner companies and working in collaboration with them to develop a highly advanced product with an increased usability. BuzzScreen is not just a simple tool aimed to help mobile app developers(partner companies) expand their advertising revenues but it is rather an advanced tool specialized to reduce marketing cost spent on app users by providing various services depending on the purpose of use and nature and maximize the usability of app’s core features. So, Buzzvil BD managers always have to know partner company’s app inside out to come up with an idea that can maximize app’s usability and analyze the data created from an actual application of BuzzScreen. Accordingly, it is necessary for BD managers to have an excellent level of communication skill to help partner companies better understand this unprecedented and unfamiliar ‘lock screen advertising platform’ business model and possess an ability to provide a suitable technical support considering its compatibility with existing services. In addition, as mentioned above, I think that it is necessary for BD managers to be attentive to even CS to maximize the user experience and keep monitoring the data to maximize the advertising revenue of partner companies.


4. How does it feel to work at a startup? or advertising industry?

I have had hands-on experiences to perform various roles as my career changed and being in the current position to be able to closely monitor how the advertising product is served enables me to understand the complex structure and driving force of the advertising market better than when I was receiving the report and merely analyzing the efficiency as a marketer. There are a lot of players that I have even never heard of in each and every step I make and, as long as devices like smartphone exist, I believe that the advertising market, which is analogous to a big symbiotic organism, will keep growing, especially for the mobile advertising market. And, I think that working in the digital field can also help me develop my personal competence. Of course, I will spare no effort to make BuzzScreen become a bigger player in this organism. I want to take this opportunity to thank Steve, our team leader, for having taught me many things from the moment I joined Buzzvil. I will try to learn more going forward.


5. Is there something that you can say “this is the best part being Buzzvillians”?

Buzzvil embraces a culture where all members respect each other’s experiences and talents. They all tend to have a very respectful and receptive mindset if they believe that there is something to learn from each other’s experiences and thoughts regardless of their academic background, age and gender and I personally think that this kind of mindset plays a very important part in a start up with a horizontal organizational structure. This structure itself can also become a positive factor inspiring me and my peers to have a positive influence on each other. Especially, it gives someone like me, who previously worked for a company with a clear hierarchical system, a great deal of satisfaction. This flat structure of Buzzvil allows me to avoid the distraction from goals of team or company, which may otherwise have been created by political or other matters, and motivates me to focus only on business oriented goals. Finally, what I think is really great about Buzzvil is that the company is still in a growth phase. It means a lot to me to work for a rapidly growing company with its revenue increasing by 2-3 times every year.


6. Do you have a personal goal or dream? If so, how does your experience at Buzzvil help you?

Buzzvil is filled with people dreaming of starting their own businesses one day. I am one of them. Someday, I want to build my ow brand and service from the ground up. As a BD manager of Buzzvil, I have been able to listen to stories of various partner companies striving toward their own vision. I believe that I can strengthen my personal business insight through learning from real stories of those who have long-standing experiences in the field and thinking about how I can add value to their businesses through BuzzScreen.

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