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1. Please give us a quick introduction of yourself.

Hello, I am Evan and I work in the Buzzvil Product team to develop Androids. The name Evan is from the Snapchat service company Snap’s CEO Evan Spiegal in hopes of making a company with a fun group culture like Snapchat to naturally make a service that many people enjoy. Now that I think about it, I do not know why I had even chosen that name. As it is not possible to change names in Buzzvil, I think I will just live with it. I have a personality of digging deeper into the things I am interested in, having played the same game or sports for years and often listens to the same music for days. Nowadays, I feel that varying experiences is also important so I try to make an effort to live a balanced lifestyle. Also, I very much enjoy imagining on my own, and I believe that this characteristic has made me a developer. I think I started developing because I found interest in materializing thoughts in my head into reality.


2. What brings you to Buzzvil?

I majored in electrical engineering in university and watching upperclassmen and friends start businesses grew my interest. This interest led on and during my choice for work, instead of a major company, I thought to work at a startup where people walked paths that others did not. During this period, there was an opportunity for me to develop an android app in an outsourcing sort of manner. This led to a self-studying of development, the gaining experience in management of a real running app, felt attracted to the point that I could affect so many people and thought that if I joined a startup, I would like to work as a developer. During this, there was an opportunity for me to visit Buzzvil through an introduction by an old school friend Joshua and saw that though the work environment was very free, each member was working with passion and thought that it was a very good company. After a few months, through the recommendation of Joshua, I had sat an interview for the current Android development position and was able to join. I am very satisfied with the culture of Buzzvil that encourages the trial of new things and provides a variety of experiences.


3. What is your role at Buzzvil?

I am in charge of the Android app development of Buzzvil’s lockscreen advertisement service HoneyScreen and Slidejoy, and the Android SDK development of the advertisement platform BuzzScreen. To specify, I think I spend more time on the development of HoneyScreen. As HoneyScreen and Slidejoy is Buzzvil’s own service, the degree of freedom in management and development is comparatively very high. In this context, I mainly work on adding new functions and inspect the work. Largely this is separated into the lock screen advertisement, contents showing area and functions inside the app (offer wall, marketing related events, store etc.) for various technological additions and inspection. The function that provides advertisement and contents is related to the BuzzScreen lockscreen function and as the safety of the BuzzScreen SDK inside companies’ apps is considered most important, plentiful inspection is done on HoneyScreen and Slidejoy before application. Also, sometimes there is work of adding functions on the SDK depending on the app characteristics of the partner companies’ apps or the requests of the partner company.

4. How does it feel to work at a startup? or advertising industry?

To put the feeling of working at a startup simply, it can be described as the complete opposite of a bureaucratic company. Because the roles of individuals are all very important, responsibility comes naturally and with the addition of a high degree of freedom of the actual work, it is an environment that makes people work hard. Also, there are no routine work meaning solutions must be always be found on new problems, and though this is sometimes tiring and difficult, it is an opportunity for self-growth and therefore a big advantage of working at a startup. Because Buzzvil is my first workplace and I have not experienced other startups, I believe that looking back at the 2 years, the fact that Buzzvil and other startups like Buzzvil help the growth of an individual is a definite point.


5. Is there something that you can say “this is the best part being Buzzvillians”?

I believe that Buzzvil is a company that makes an effort to protect and make a good company culture. I also feel gratitude to be able to work in an environment that is passionate but free at the same time. Also, I believe it is a large advantage to be able to have a real horizontal conversation rather than a fake horizontal culture. Because of this culture, there is a good point that there is no unneeded communication cost. Lastly, I think the system to actively support something that a worker wants to learn is very good. I believe that the expense support for areas that workers want to study such as language studies, book purchases, and education seminars is one of the good company cultures of Buzzvil.


6. Do you have a personal goal or dream? If so, how does your experience at Buzzvil help you?

Like many others, I have the dream of making my own new service one day. There is also no happier work of making a culture that can give people joy. Working on making a service that connects advertisers, publishers and users at Buzzvil with remarkable people is something that I believe will become the groundwork for my personal growth and to achieve my dream. Being able to learn the quickly changing advertisement market and a platform business that is suited to growth is also a merit. It is a large experience and asset to be able to work in a company that not only domestically but is internationally expanding the advertising business that is the largest business model in platform business.

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