[Buzzvil News] Buzzvil enters the global market with mobile lockscreen advertising

Buzzvil started their business in lockscreen advertising in 2013 with HoneyScreen, the lockscreen reward application. Through launching the BuzzScreen – the first and largest lockscreen platform in the world in 2015, Buzzvil evolved to the lockscreen advertising platform player. With simple SDK(Software Development Kit) integration, partners can engage their users more often and naturally, and their users can experience trending news on their first screen of mobile, the lockscreen. Now, Buzzvil is operating the lockscreen advertising business in 30 countries with more than 50 partners. Buzzvil first considered providing a service through which compensation is provided to people who participate in viral marketing campaigns on social media sites. The two founders named the company “Buzzvil” to signify the “buzz” they would create through this viral marketing platform. In the preparation stage, however, changes were made to the plan and the current service became the company’s main product. Buzzvil CEO John Lee said he got the idea for a lockscreen advertising service from the screen doors on subway station platforms.


_[Image] _Buzzvil acquires Slidejoy for a lockscreen ad consolidation 

Buzzvil is now expanding its business beyond Korea to the United States, Japan, and other Asian and European countries. To launch its service in the United States, Buzzvil acquired SlideJoy, an American mobile lockscreen advertising company,in November 2016.(published on Tech Crunch, Jan 2017) Buzzvil is now expanding its business in the American market through SlideJoy.

[Image] Examples of lockscreen advertisement in Japan/Taiwan 

Prior to entering the United States, Buzzvil began operating in Japan in May 2013 with its HoneyScreen application, and released BuzzScreen more recently in the second quarter of 2017. Starting in 2018, Buzzvil’s growth is also expected to pick up pace in Taiwan, where the company began operating in 2015. Buzzvil’s goal of 2018 is to increase the company’s share of foreign sales from the current 20 percent to around 40 percent. It was this goal that drove Buzzvil to plan its B2B service model, BuzzScreen, register for the global patent, hire foreign developers to create a more global UX design in the development stage(published on Mobi Inside, Oct 2017) and also look for local partners in its overseas advancement stage as well. We hope this year will be another major year for Buzzvil getting closer to the Buzzvil’s mission.

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