[Buzzvil News] How Buzzvil has created the lockscreen advertising ecosystem?
[Buzzvil News] Buzzvil enters the global market with mobile lockscreen advertising
January 12, 2018
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March 28, 2018

[Buzzvil News] How Buzzvil has created the lockscreen advertising ecosystem?


Buzzvil is the lockscreen advertising platform player operating the BuzzScreen – the first and largest lockscreen platform in the world. Since entering lockscreen advertising market in 2013 with HoneyScreen, Buzzvil wants to be not just a good advertising company, but an ecosystem builder. Buzzvil has the goal of creating the first mobile lockscreen ecosystem through taking up 80% of the world’s lockscreen.(published by Tech for Korea, Jun 2017)

The lockscreen ecosystem consists of two main players – user and partner interacting each other with the lockscreen for their own benefits. Giving out their lockscreen, users can receive customized content which they can be interested in. Partners receive a share of the marketing profits and use a part of the lockscreen to engage their users more often.

Based on Buzzvil’s goal of creating the first mobile lockscreen ecosystem, Buzzvil unveiled BuzzScreen, a business-to-business (B2B) model, following its own application ‘HoneyScreen’ and ‘Slidejoy’. BuzzScreen is provided to partners as a software development kit (SDK). Simply integrating the BuzzScreen SDK with their application, partners can enable their users to use the lockscreen advertising platform on their mobile.

Buzzvil is smoothly taking their first step to achieve their ultimate goal. In May 2015, Buzzvil partnered with OK Cashbag, the largest consumer loyalty program in Korea with 38 million members, to provide its BuzzScreen service and expanded its partnerships with telecommunications companies, loyalty programs, service and content providers. Currently, Buzzvil has over 50 partners in Korea, including OK Cashbag, LG U+, T-Money, KT WhoWho, Lotte L.Point, 11st and more.

BuzzScreen Partners

  • Cash for Apps rewards users with points for downloading various apps. It features awards from Google Play, Amazon, iTunes and more.

  • Apps that Pay rewards users for completing tasks and playing games on mobile.

  • One of Japan's largest loyalty program since 2001

  • Fly mobile, founded in 2003, is one of top smartphone device makers in Russia. They offer device discounts to users if users use Buzzvil's lockscreen.

  • OK Cashbag, a popular rewards app with over 10 million users, increased DAU by 57% after BuzzScreen integration.

  • HoneyScreen is a major lockscreen rewards app with millions of users in Asia.

  • Slidejoy is the most addictive app in the US with users spending over 10 minutes everyday browsing trending news and content. 

  • Culture Land is a gift card application with over a million downloads.

  • Tmoney is a major mobile public transportation application with over a million downloads.

  • NotiTome is a discount/deal app for shopping, events and shows with over a million downloads.

  • Clip is a credit card and discount coupon application with over 5 million downloads.

  • Whowho is the biggest spam blocker with over 10 million downloads. Operated by KT, one of the biggest carriers in Korea.
  • Lpoint is the biggest point application by Lotte Group.
  • Degoo is one of the top free cloud services in the world, recording 20,000,000+ downloads globally. Degoo rewards 500MB free extra cloud storage very 10 hours user's Degoo lockscreen is running.


[Image] Buzzvil launches lockscreen ad-funded smartphone device with Wileyfox 


In this year, Buzzvil plans to expand their business through partnership in Japan and US. If you are interested in having more user engagement and retention by leveraging the lockscreen, contact bd.global@buzzvil.com.