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1. Please give us a quick introduction of yourself.

Hello, my name is Roy Kim and My Korean name is Hyunwoo Kim. I’m working in BM(Business Management) Team of Buzzvil as a Head of Finance. I’ve been working for Buzzvil for about a year and a half since August 29th, 2016. I was born in the hospital located within the four gates of Seoul, where there is now Microsoft Korea. Sometimes, I’m asked if I’m from a province, but If I were in Joseon Dynasty, I would be definitely a real Seoulite born within the four gates, which was only possible to noblemen at that time :) I graduated elementary to high school in Seoul except for a year and a half in the middle and stayed in the United States for about eight years from 2001 to 2009. Actually, I was thinking of going to the army after one-year language training abroad, but just happened to get experience in career for two years after graduation. After I finished university, I tried to find a job related to economics, which was my major. Then luckily, I got hired by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade as an economy officer of the diplomatic office. I was in the San Francisco Consulate General, and my main duties were to make and manage business network of Silicon Valley and San Francisco, identify major economic trends and write reports, and support Korean companies in entering into the local areas. After then, thinking of doing something more active, I turned to a local game company and took charge of local publishing. The company brought games from Korea and localized them to the United States market, and I was actually involved in launching two to three Korean games in the United States. After then, I slightly became bored with what I was doing. Though I started working right after graduation, I hadn’t still known about what I liked and what I wanted to do as well. So, I began to teach English to refresh myself, and I kind of liked it. However, I returned my industry thinking that I had to develop my competence in finance and accounting in the long run. Giosis, which I worked for just before joining Buzzvil, is a company aiming to become a global open market launched by Gu, Youngbae, the founder of eBay G-market. Working as a member of G-market until 2012, I began to handle finance system planning in Giosis. My main duty was to build overall finance/accounting system, and after being recognized for my job performance, I became a team leader and planned the company’s  major system with team members. The functions in admin that I made were more than 30, and I also developed separate admin for finance inter-working with SAP. That work was not directly related to financial accounting but required knowledge in it. Therefore, I not only built basic knowledge about financial accounting but also took a role to inter-work all the corporations of Korea, Singapore, the United States, Japan, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Indonesia with a system and manage them. After dealing with that work for about three years and a half, I converted to tax and accounting to take the lead in preparation for the company’s IPO, and took charge of the capital increase of 100 billion won and responses to the tax investigation by the National Tax Services. Looking back, I could get lots of experiences and develop myself in that company, but I had to leave that company due to its sluggish growth and my inner conflict.

2. What brings you to Buzzvil?

While I was looking for a job after quitting the previous one, a headhunter strongly recommended Buzzvil to me. Actually… Buzzvil was quite the unknown compared with the companies that planned to hire me or others that I went to for a job interview, so it was not under consideration at the moment. The reason for choosing it though was recommendations from the people around me. I cannot mention their names, but one of John’s friends and people from Buzzvil’s partner and cooperative companies told me that there would be high probability of Buzzvil’s further development and I would be able to contribute to it a lot. When I was in the previous company, I actually designed basic finance system of the company for over five years as its employees increased from 100 to 650.  Planning diverse systems from calculations and payment related to the sellers to the company’s compensation system, I couldn’t use a total of 49 vacation days given to me. Since I was looking for a company where I could focus on the tasks given to me and plan various businesses rather than being up to my neck in work, when I was notified that I finally got accepted, I turned it down thinking that there would be too much work. After then, however, people around me kept telling me that Buzzvil would be a good match for me, so to my shame, I contacted them to ask carefully if I had a chance. I know it sounds quite ironic. Saying no when accepted, and then saying yes after it’s done… I heard that there had been some talks about this, saying I would leave not much later. However, I’m still here and I like being here. Of course, I can’t say that I’ve never imagined how would it be if I’d had another chance, but I’m pretty sure that I’m happy with what I’m doing.

3. What is your role at Buzzvil?

I’m in charge of general accounting and finance business. And I’m also dealing with establishing and setting up various company policies as well. What I do is largely divided into three. 1) financial accounting business 2) IR business 3) other policy-related business. Financial accounting business can be subdivided into 1-1 finance / 1-2 accounting / 1-3 tax affairs by company, but Buzzvil deals with three of them at once because there are not enough workers yet. The major duty for 1) financial accounting business is financial management. To put it simply, it is about managing the company’s deposit/withdrawal. In terms of deposit, I check if all the sales that the company generates are collected properly. The work related to withdrawal, on the other hands, is about processing withdrawals after checking if variable service expenses that the company pays are approved adequately and the payments are reasonable. Accounting is to manage the deposit/withdrawal business mentioned above on the books. Some people think that accounting is simply organizing details, but it is to check if the company’s finance is well managed with the account books. Unfortunately, before I joined Buzzvil, its account books were recorded by an outside accounting firm, so there was no one who exactly knew the amounts on the books. Therefore, it was urgent to check and understand this first. Now, we at least understand what kind of expenses are recorded on the books and share information about it with COO, CEO and outside investors. The second one is IR business. It can’t be seen as the exact ‘IR’, since Buzzvil is not a listed corporation yet. My main duty in IR is dealing with investors. As the investors of our company wonder about our company’s performances and other things, I normally respond to their questions quarterly. Since there are even more private investors after we took over Slidejoy, I also give them related-information. If the company goes public, I guess that the related business will be more detailed. Therefore, I’m about to carry out other businesses such as collecting IR materials to prepare for it. My last duty is other policy business. The company hasn’t established the process related to drafting/approval/execution about expenses yet.  Therefore, I am systematizing the related business further. In terms of expense-related policy, it covers not only the expenses that BM executes but also all the others generated throughout the company. Since the company’s going public is underway, I’m working on several matters to prepare for it in advance, and dealing with other things to be determined in a politic way as well.

4. How does it feel to work at a startup? or advertising industry?

It’s very new actually. I have worked for a start-up before, but not in advertising. Though what I do is not that limited by the industry, I think it is very fun to learn new industries all the time. I think Buzzvil is a company that creates a new ecosystem called mobile lockscreen with not just advertisement but advertisement plus contents actually. It doesn’t simply mean producing new contents and distribute them, and I think it’s different from only winning advertisements and delivering them to clients. The fact that Buzzvil could create new profits and meet customers’ needs in the way I wasn’t aware of in the previous company was full of suggestions to me. I personally hope that Buzzvil plays various roles as a life changer through mobile rather than confining its business to advertising industry.

5. Is there something that you can say “this is the best part being Buzzvillians”?

First, I like Buzzvil’s casual atmosphere. Of course, I felt that its unregulated culture was quite disordered and inefficient right after I joined it though. Maybe it was because of a slight discomfort that came from the difference in atmosphere between the stereotyped workplaces where I worked before and Buzzvil, not because of its culture. Ordinary companies are normally considered as a place for business though relationships are important as well. It’s natural that there is relatively less communication. However, people in Buzzvil talk with one another and solve discomforts through free culture, which I think is a good catalyst turning freedom into communication. Based on my personal experience, I’d like to say that those who are used to companies with top-down system might have a little difficulty in adapting to Buzzvil first. That’s because, there is no one directly telling you what to do, and some managers in a position to give orders might be less experienced than those who are newly hired as a middle manager. If you are the type of person taking the lead at work, on the other hands, there would be no place like Buzzvil. Buzzvil supports self-leaders and respects each other’s roles. Therefore, if you clearly know what your work is, you can give shape to it as communicating with CEO and then carry it out. I had a goal to establish a finance system right after joining Buzzvil. I haven’t worked on a detailed plan yet, but I’m taking steps forward through organization/analysis of various data forming the basis of the system. If I had been in a big company like before, I would have played a role working on a project after gathering opinions of my superiors rather than mine.

6. Do you have a personal goal or dream? If so, how does your experience at Buzzvil help you?

Like many other people in Buzzvil, I have a dream about building a startup. I’ve had my dream item actually, so I’d like to run my own business using it if I leave Buzzvil. I think that what I realize and learn in Buzzvil will be a great help for it. The question asking how I would like to live sounds quite philosophical. I hope to live my life thinking and doing tests a lot. I’ve been interested in diverse fields as a child, and what attracted my concern the most was ‘why do people think so’ and ‘what makes them behave like that’ This is not a simple understanding of mentality but about what philosophy penetrates his mind and how the philosophy was created to permeate him deeply. It might sound boring, but I think people are influenced by a certain philosophy and religion like this, and that changes the way they talk and behave. Then, such changes would work in how they approach a problem and make a decision for it as well. Therefore, to the question asking how I would like to live my life, I would say that I will think about such things in various ways and prove if my hypotheses are right. Honestly, I’m not sure whether such thoughts would give me certain value(, but they will help me have my own interesting world and lead my life. Another dream is to have a happy family and spend the rest of my life in peace with them.

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