[Buzzvil News] BuzzScreen, the Optimum Platform for Branding – Brand Awareness Survey Result Announcement

Lockscreen is a familiar media that users meet the instant they turn on a mobile phone. Also, because it uses the entire screen unlike other locations of the mobile phone software, it is possible to advertise a brand or product more effectively. These characteristics make lockscreen a great medium for brand advertisements. Late last year, Buzzvil conducted a Brand Awareness Survey to measure if the BuzzScreen campaign actually increased the brand awareness of advertisers. The Brand Awareness Survey measured a group of users’ awareness on a brand and its products before the advertisement campaign and once again after the campaign, and a variety of categories such as travel, electrical appliances, and cars were tested. Firstly, the awareness of a particular product or event increased on average 1.2 times in all campaigns with a survey. For example, in the case with a cosmetic brand A, it was seen that the awareness about a newly released product increased by about 120% and airline company B had a 150% increase in the awareness of a customer participation event. A positive effect was also seen in the awareness of brands in most campaigns. The electrical appliance company C found not only an increase in the awareness of their newly released product, they found that the awareness of the company C also increased by about 5%.

Also, there was an increase in the number of positive answers to the question of whether the users were inclined to purchase the product or participate in the promotion. Through this, it was possible to find that the BuzzScreen campaign not only increased brand awareness but had a marketing effect of increasing willingness to purchase or participate in promotions.

[Image] Advertisers of BuzzScreen in various categories

With this unique strength in brand advertisement, BuzzScreen has participated in the brand advertisements of many various industries. Recently, BuzzScreen has even been working with famous brands from categories such as commerce, cars, beauty and electrical appliances. If you wish to make an inquiry about BuzzScreen that not only increases brand awareness but also has a marketing effect, please contact the Buzzvil sales team ( who will introduce you to various references and advertisement strategies of BuzzScreen. (Contact)


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