[Buzzvil News] Buzzvil ranked 56th among world's fastest growing businesses by Financial Times

What qualities a promising startup should have? You could pick brilliant ideas, passionate team spirit, solid business models, and, strong corporate culture. However, equally important is whether a company is currently growing and has ‘growth potential’. Buzzvil was credited last March with its enormous potential as it is growing double every year, according to the Financial Times. Financial Times, a leading newspaper started announcing 1,000 firms per continent based on growth rates, profits and other criteria. This year, it announced 1,000 fast growing businesses in the Asia-Pacific area. Of the 1,000, Buzzvil was ranked 56th with a growth rate of 862%, an average growth rate of 112.7% over the last 3 years. It is even more fulfilling because Buzzvil is the only ad company among listed 104 Korean companies. It proved once more that Buzzvil is growing consistently to become the largest the first-ever lock screen platform in the mobile ad market. Moreover, Buzzvil has been continuously growing, reaching 30 billion won in revenue and operating profits of 1.3 billion won in 2017. The figure is particularly noticeable compared to others in the industry. Buzzvil is planning to increase its global presence by pursuing an expansion strategy in 2018. In particular, It will increasingly work with partner businesses in the U.S. and Japan including the coopertion with Wileyfox. Look forward to a future Buzzvil foraying into the global market with the help of solid domestic partnerships.

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