[Buzzvil News] Buzzvil X KT find a way to cover repair cost for broken mobile screen

Dropped your phone? Don’t you worry! Buzzvil and KT, one of Korea’s largest mobile carrier, have found a way to allow you to repair your cracked phone screen in South Korea. The two companies have joined hands to roll out “CLiP Phone Protector,” (translation) South Korea’s first lockscreen app that comes with an insurance plan. This lockscreen app is provided by mobile e-wallet CLiP. Users will get rewards for viewing content and ads. Those who use it for more than 90 days will get insurance worth up to 100,000 Korean won (around 88.64 USD) for each case of damage inflicted on the screen of the phone. This insurance is granted no matter when you bought your phone. You can get it even if you have signed up for other insurance provided by Korea’s top three mobile carriers. If insurance of these carriers can not cover for your damages, you can benefit from the one provided by the CLiP Phone Protector. It’s a plus! You can easily sign up and claim your insurance just by clicking the menu on the top right of the CLiP Phone Protector’s lockscreen. This lockscreen app that provides insurance for the mobile screen is a good marketing story for Buzzvil that constantly explores new ways to connect with users through the first mobile screen of mobile. Buzzvil’s BuzzScreen SDK allows publishers to have their own branded lockscreen apps. In other words, we provide white label lockscreen apps so different apps can secure users with engaging ads and content. A person looks at the first screen of the mobile 60 times a day. More the reason why we seek marketing stories that are as natural as CLiP’s. Stay tuned to see how Buzzvil continues to conquer the first screen!

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