[Buzzvil Culture] How Employee Referral Program Works

Meet Jane and Bumi. Bumi’s Sales Operation Manager who aims to optimize ad efficiency at Buzzvil, world’s first and largest lockscreen ads platform. His job is to set up the advertisements that are sent to our publishers’ lockscreens and monitor them to reach their KPI. He enhances targeting, link advertisements, operate offerwall partnerships and manage domestic sales. Thanks to Bumi and his teammates, the has been garnering advertiser’s attention with a variety of ad types, such as carousel, video, full-screen display ads and more.  Buzzvil reached $30 million in revenue in 2017, seeing a continuous double/triple growth in for four consecutive years. He joined Buzzvil by being referred by the company’s Sales Product Planning Manager, Jane. This Softbank-backed startup’s employee referral program has really brought strong candidates to the table. Bumi used to be Jane’s counterpart at one of the largest ads network in Asia. After he had left his job, Jane swooped in to bring him to become her teammate. She saw how hard working and familiar he was of the ads industry.   “You never know what a job will be like until it’s too late so Jane really helped me in making a decision,” Bumi said. “So far it’s good and I’m happy with my decision. I always wanted to work at an ad-tech company that brings new idea and solution.” David, Head of Global Planning and Operations at the same company, is known for bringing outstanding people to the team. He brought five people under Buzzvil’s wings. “I work here so I know who will be a good fit for the job and company. Plus, I just really enjoy working here because the depth and height of how much I could grow felt big so naturally I want to bring good people in! ” Buzzvil has been encouraging Buzzvillians to introduce outstanding candidates with handsome reward and acknowledgement. Below are the advantages of referral programs, according to Buzzvil’s HR manager, James:

  1. Good people are surrounded by people who constantly push each other to thrive. So a company’s employees are the best channels to bring in outstanding manpower.
  2. If you work at a company with someone you know, naturally you have a better chance to adapt well. Studies actually show retention rate is pretty high.
  3. Potential employees is taking a high risk working for a startup. On the other hand, because each member of a startup acts as a vital organ, companies also have to be careful to hire the right person. Both parties will feel confident if there is someone in between who can tell both parties about each other’s background.  

But of course, the recruitment process of a company has to have integrity for the referral program to do its magic. It absolutely should not mean that a referred candidate has an advantage over other candidates. Obviously, employees should not be able to refer someone for a job position he or she has a say in the decision making of hiring. Some disadvantage of having a referral program includes lack of diversity. So companies should leave other channels wide open to hire good candidates, such as campus recruiting and more. To tackle this down further, Buzzvil has various programs for employees, such as regular seat rotation and “get to know each other” events. Such programs helps the company to create a harmony regardless of their department and background. They help in creating an environment where everyone feels at ease to communicate and motivate to each other for better results for the company, partners, advertisers and users. At Buzzvil, we believe people are the most valuable asset and it is because of them Buzzvil was able to expand its business to more than 30 countries around the globe and served dozens of partners across industries to develop a more natural and effective advertising platform on mobile.

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