[Buzzvil Culture] 2018 Buzz World Cup Winner, Elia

The 2018 Russia World Cup ended on July 15 with the French victory. However, the World Cup fever is still running high at Buzzvil. This is because the 2018 Buzz World Cup is being held with the video game Pro Evo. The air in Buzzvil’s during the lunch breaks has been filled with cheers and painful groans for the past two weeks.

The winner’s trophy for the Buzz World Cup, which was open to all employees, was captured by Product team’s Elia! Being the generous soul he is, participants got ice cream on him. Very gracious indeed. (Elia is also the winner of last year’s Buzz World Cup.)


Having got through the preliminary round, a total of 15 competitors were divided into groups A, B, C, and D and locked horns in heated battles of digital dexterity. The winners of each group were Elia, Lucas from Finance, Ekko from Sales and Roy again from Finance. Roy’s skills behind the pad against the eventual winner Elia in the final was worthy of note and it really was a very tense game. (It was Roy who hosted and ran the competition. A round of applause is the least he deserves.)

Age or gender don’t matter when it comes to games, and our CEO was not one to be left out. John surprised everyone by taking second place in Group C, beating Steve and House from Business Development during the process, but unfortunately, he was unable to overcome mighty Ekko in the end.

Buzzvil encourages the employees to create their own in-house culture. From sports such as Buzzball (football), BuzzPing (ping-pong), BuzzTennis (tennis), and BuzzRun (Lake Learning) to photoshop, machine learning, excel, Japanese language workshops etc. run by those who want to learn new things in depth taking it into their own hands, there are a lot of activities taken up by countless number of the colleagues at Buzzvil.

In addition, if you are a bit more domestically oriented, you may be tempted to try the hand drip coffee making and cooking classes. Often the session is led by a Buzzvillian, who has the most interest and knowledge in the field. It’s a structure that you can freely participate if you want to learn it.

There are those who, tire of Pro Evo, would like competition new game such as Star Craft. It will be interesting to see the new fun events that are bound to take place in Buzzvil any time soon.

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