[Buzzvil Culture] Company-wide Training: The Force behind Building the Best Team

Do you know the popular Japanese manga “One Piece?” The world-famous Japanese comics is not just fun but also illustrates the resources and the ways to build the best team. Many people seem impressed by the way the pirates of Luffy and his gang the Straw Hat Pirates make their dreams come true and while building a great team.

During the company-wide training on July 19 held at Buzzvil, we got more familiar with the means to build the best team, and we were able to see the core values Buzzvil aspires to.

Divided into 10 groups, about 80 Buzzvillians had a valuable time sharing their key tasks, hobbies, dreams, strengths, and weaknesses to ultimately get to know each other better. It was awkward for them at first, but soon the members got more and more into each others’ stories and the ice broke fairly quickly. Through this time, we learned how to get good colleagues together and make the best team.

How do you find a group of good colleagues? In ‘One Piece’, people say that having a dream that you can’t achieve on your own is the most important thing. We also cherish the most important of values that is “a dream”. In particular, during the interview with the CEO, candidates are asked, “what is your dream that seems impossible?”, as he would like to know about the dreams and goals of the future colleagues. In order to ensure dedication from these hard-won colleagues, leaders must unquestioningly empower them in their respective fields and seek help when they recognize their own weaknesses. An organization is an orchestra that produces beautiful music with each musician’s own instruments.

In the following afternoon session, all of the team members played a game in which they tried to reach the finishing point after navigating through a maze. It was a time when everyone on the team could learn from each other’s failures, focus on each other and solve the problem together. After this game, they talked about what could be learned from each other and there were various answers.

- Even if it means failure to me, it may be the foundation of success for everyone. - I’m afraid of the path that nobody has tried, but I still have to. - It may seem easy just looking at it from the side, but it is difficult to actually do it.

The most memorable quotes from the entire training were “a leader is someone who recognizes his own weaknesses and finds other team members who will fill in his gaps”. I think we all have forgotten how much power the warm words of “thank you”, and the heartfelt appeal of “help” can have.

The event was held from 10 am. to 3 pm. There were embarrassing missions and games that turned out to be more difficult than expected. Kudos to our awesome Buzzvillians who pulled through it all and did a great job. We hope none of you will forget what it takes to become the best team and stay that way. Thank you all for the hard work.

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