[Buzzvil Culture] UNIST Campus Recruitment

World’s largest mobile lockscreen media platform provider Buzzvil met students of UNIST on September 14 to recruit new developers. This comes after our campus recruitment at Seoul National University in early September. We are currently hiring Android, iOS, server, test automation, front-end, machine learning developers, AWS devOps engineer and more. Buzzvil is also looking for positions in sales, business development, ad operations, product management, product design and technical account management. For more details, check out our website.  Machine learning was the hottest keyword at the scene. Buzzvil’s machine learning developers program systems that display personalized content and ads to users and build AWS infrastructure to operate a machine learning system. More info is available here.

For back-end codes, Python and Django are used, while for database, MySQL is mainly used. For horizontal expansion in case of high traffics, developers program with DynamoDB or NoSQL. For more info of the tools that developers use, visit our career website. Buzzvil was recently selected as a ‘Kind Company’ by Wanted, Korea’s widely visiting job searching service. The award was given to us based on our ratings by job seekers who have interacted with Buzzvil. We want to be a good company inside and out. We really focus on providing benefits to our employees so they can develop themselves and chase their dreams. But how do we do it?

#Freedom, Equality and Fun Here at Buzzvil, your age and job title do not matter. Anyone can express their opinion, even if you’re talking to the CEO. Everyone calls each other by their first name. Not only that we know how to have fun. We have monthly gatherings where we do different activities and once a year, Buzzvil travels abroad together. This year we flew over to Bali. #Buzzvil supports your dream When we say “We support your dream,” we mean it. We support hobbies, study group, conferences and more. Buzzvilians are allowed to buy as many books as they want and we never run out of snacks. After all, mid-day snacking is the most important meal of the day. #Employee is king Buzzvil has many spots so people can work in a comfortable environment. There is the bar table by the window where you can see the lake and standing desks in case your back hurts. We also have a resting room, table tennis room and a game room. Oh, did we mention all our employees work on the Mac Pro?It was a misty and beautiful day on the UNIST campus. They say Ulsan is a place of rivers, lakes, mountains and the sea. Soon the students here will graduate and head out to the city. There we hope to meet them again.

We're hiring! Check it out if there is a job for you.


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