[Buzzvil Career] What Makes a Good Designer?

Buzzvil Career contains interviews of our team leaders to be clear on what we are looking for in job candidates so they can get an idea if we are a good fit for them. Opened job positions in Design are listed here. This blog post will be on Max (Find him on LinkedIn here) whose last 13 years has been shaped by design. Still, he is enjoying his life in this field. He has been with us at Buzzvil for the past four years as the lead designer. Here is what he has to say about being a designer at this Softbank Ventures-backed startup.

How do you go about your day?

My day at the office starts at 9-ish in the  morning when everything is calm and peaceful to plan my day. Then comes meditation time at 9:30 with Young, James, Lucas and a few others. Then at 10:00, I have a daily scrum with the team, followed by coffee time. We take this time to start the day on the right foot. My productivity peak is in the morning so I force myself to work on difficult tasks during that time. Fully focused, I can do so much more in an hour in the morning than the entire afternoon with half my energy. Then comes lunch, where I hunt for the new cool places in Songridan-gil, a popular food district in Seoul, or I just eat light brunch at the office. The afternoon is usually time for communication and follow up with the team members or other Buzzvilians. I spend the last hours of my day documenting, researching and benchmarking.

Why did you choose Buzzvil?

Buzzvil provides a unique environment for designers. The company understands creativity and respects each team’s area. Each team has the freedom to decide how the team and their work can be managed. It’s a perfect fit for everyone and designers to find and constantly improve the way we work. This type of working culture is rare.

What’s it like to work at Buzzvil?

Buzzvil asks everyone to take initiative and self lead, which triggers responsibilities and pressure. This company is a good fit for designers who are ready to challenge themselves and are expecting the best conditions to do so! At Buzzvil’s design team, you will not do just one thing, but a lot of things. You won’t be stuck in a single specialty. Instead, you will be able to take on various projects, widening your range of skill set. We have to stay opened to communication and new ideas so when we have an idea, we don’t waste time to put it into practice. Buzzvil is all about balance. Many IT companies often offer either good culture with poor wage or good wage with bad working environment. But here, the culture is great and Buzzvil provides great benefits and competitive wage.

What’s the team like?

Buzzvil’s design team aims for high efficiency. We internally handle a wide range of issues that regards company branding, marketing and our products which includes HoneyScreen, Slidejoy and 50+ partner’s lockscreen apps. We bring an issue and process it at a fast pace. We look for designers who knows how to work smartly so no one has to work twice on the same thing. Some of our designers, including myself, have a technical background which makes the process of handling problems much easier. After all, we are a tech startup. So it’s not a must, but we do prefer someone who has experience in programming. We have to understand how our product works and how it can make a difference in people’s lives.

What makes a good designer?

Curiosity: A good designer is someone who permanently studies. You have to be attentive to every details and understand what’s at stake- including the business side of things. Design is a permanently changing discipline, so designers have to stay up to date. A doer: Design has that capability to transform ideas into tangible, materialized concepts. A designer should never hesitate in trying new stuffs even at an early stage. Research is important and part of the process, but putting an idea into action is the actual expected outcome. A good communicator: Designers create and use a visual language to communicate concepts. It is designer’s role to share, educate, inform, discuss and iterate based on other’s feedbacks to better design. Also, one can be a great designer, but if he or she can’t find a way to share what’s in his or her mind, what’s the point? A good designer is someone with a strong methodology. Methods are foundations to any kind of projects. A designer who comes up with his or her own set of methods is someone who can adapt to any kind of project. Join a small-sized online communities, maybe on Slack, or start one to stay updated. Read articles, listen to podcasts, watch related videos and the recommended ones underneath them. So you get a good idea how other designers solve problems. At Buzzvil, we are in a time where our design team needs to grow and we are looking for the best team players to join us. An awesome experience and rewarding adventure will be ahead of you here at Buzzvil.

What positions are opened now? (As of Oct. 2018)

We are looking for a talented Product Designer who’s capable of handling challenging projects from Mobile to Web with complete autonomy. We are looking for someone who is aware and understands technical/business constraints and can proactively adapt her/himself. Finally and more importantly, we are looking for a team player who knows how teamwork is important and who is ready to share, learn and participate in order to grow as an individual and as a team!

We are hiring designers. Apply now!


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