[Buzzvil Culture] Autumn's Buzzvil 2018 Walkathon

With the arrival of autumn, Buzzvil’s 2018 Walkathon competition is well and truly underway. The number of Buzzvillians seen taking a walk by Lake Seokchon during lunchtime is growing. So what is the reason for Buzzvil to hold this unique event?

Each Buzzvillian creates their own company culture

The company culture of Buzzvil is built by individual employees, not handed in the top-down, one way direction. It often comes from a pure desire to share things that each member likes and is passionate about. In the study group during lunchtime, various club activities in the company and the recent Buzz World Cup 2018 tournament, we see some of the prime examples. The unique Walkathon competition was proposed in order to let Buzzvilians enjoy the ever-shortening autumn season and do something healthy at the same time. As Seokchon Lake has been slowly picking up the autumn foliage, it is the season ideal for such event. The event will be won by the three Buzzvilians who have clocked up most paces between 15th and 31st of October. So far, the prize has been closely guarded as a top secret, keeping the participants guessing and therefore extra motivated.

No one competes like a Buzzvilian!

Every Thursday, the enthusiasts from Buzzvil meet up and play a few games of badminton. According to the reports hot off the press from those who were there, everyone, including John, played the game like true Buzzvilians: with passion and fighting spirit. We can feel the same burning passion to win amongst those taking part in the walking competition. Lucas (left in the photo), one of the favorites for the competition, lives near Konkuk University Station, located about four miles from Buzzvil’s office. He reportedly commutes to the office which is located near Seokchon Lake on foot, as well as taking walks along the lake during lunchtimes. Doing one better, Benjamin is said to do the same from his place which is near Yeoksam Station, also about four miles from the office. Emma (right in the photo), who planned this event, also goes hiking during weekends to win. What a competition we have here! Buzzvilians have created their own culture within the company: setting up various range of events, communities, and studies groups for themselves are some of the examples. It is not for the grand purpose of self-development or making professional connections, but that the employees get to meet and make friends with other members of the Buzzvile family through shared interests and bring new fun factors to their work environment, is where the benefits of the company’s unique attitude truly shine. The walking competition continues until the last day of October, and the winner will be announced the next day when Buzzvil’s Sports Day is held. We kindly ask for everyone’s interest and support for the sports day too.

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