[Buzzvil Culture] Buzzvil's 2018 Autumn Sports Day

In the wake of this year’s autumn season, Buzzvil held its annual Sports Day filled with excitement and joy. Usually in events like this, when people are asked to come up to join the game, they are reluctant. But that was not the case at Buzzvil’s Sports Day. Everyone was active and eager to win the game. The event was more colorful thanks to the day’s witty MCs James and Jayden.

The event was prepared by Buzzvil’s Fun Club, the company’s group of people who prepares fun events for fellow Buzzvilians. Everyone was divided into four groups and the filled the gym with cheers and laughter throughout the games, including basketball, dodge ball, tug of war and more. The winner finally went to the Blue team that consists of competitive Ben, Caitlyn and Ekko. Each member of the team received an electric massagers for healthy shoulders and arms. And yes, everyone else were jealous.

During the Sports Day, regardless of what department they were from, everyone had no problem getting along with each other to work together and achieve first place. It is not usual for people at work to often interact with others from different departments. But at Buzzvil, that was not the case. Here, we have various clubs, study groups and cultural activities that the company supports so everyone can spend time together and grow. Also, at Buzzvil, we have missions teams where people from different departments come together to solve a certain problem or achieve a particular goal. Ultimately, Buzzvil aims to create a unique culture where everyone of different backgrounds can motivate and learn from each others. This must be the main reason why there is a fun atmosphere when it comes to gatherings like the Sports Day.

Do you remember the Buzzvil’s 2018 Walkathon? On Sports Day, we finally announced the top three, Benjamin, Lucas and Ahreumong, respectively. They have received coupons so they can buy new pair of sneakers. Buzzvil will continue to find ways to promote a healthy body and mind.

The Sports Day and Walkathon have been prepared so everyone can get to know each other better and stay healthy. Buzzvil’s efforts to bring excitement and fun will continue in 2019 and many years that follow!

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