[Buzzvil People] Jen Yoon, Technical Account Manager
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December 13, 2018
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[Buzzvil People] Jen Yoon, Technical Account Manager

Buzzvil People took the opportunity to introduce each Buzzvillians with a variety of backgrounds, personality, and thoughts. If you are wondering how best colleagues in Buzzvil are gathering to create the best team, if you are curious about each of the colorful Buzzvillians, please pay attention to Buzzvil People.

1. Please give us a quick introduction of yourself.

Hello, I am Jen and I am responsible for technical support at Buzzvil. My real name is Yoon Jeen, but when I first joined, I thought, ‘If people call me by my real name every day there might not be a difference between my everyday life and work’, and so I decided on reducing a letter in my name to Jen. However, not long after that, the manager Yoon Jinhan from the project team joined the company using the name Jin. So, I now call my own name every day.

Before joining Buzzvil, I had experience interning in 3 start-ups including a social enterprise start-up, a food start-up, and an interior design O2O start-up. Then in mid-2017 I joined Buzzvil and worked as a strategy manager in the Business Development(BD) team for 1 year and 3 months. From the beginning of this year, I did both BD team and TAM (Technical Account Management) team work until this October when my work officially became exclusively TAM work.

2. What brings you to Buzzvil?

I became aware of Buzzvil through the recommendation of an acquaintance, and I decided to join the company when I judged it to be a good company that would help me when I run my own business in the future. Through my experiences as an intern, my most important ‘criterion to select a company’ became to go to a place that would aid me when I run my own business. In detail, it must 1) have a competent leader, 2) be a place where I can learn a lot from people, and 3) a place where people listen to each other’s opinion. The description that my acquaintance provided when recommending Buzzvil fit all these criteria beautifully. Furthermore, I gained a stronger desire to join the company when I met John, the CEO, when he visited my college as a guest speaker.

That is why I went for an interview during the semester, and after many twists and turns I thankfully was accepted. It was very hard for me during the interview period due to the assignments I was given, and I cannot describe how worried I was. Through the company’s acceptance, I tossed away my plans to become an exchange student during my 8th semester and I became a full-time employee when I graduated last August.

3. What is your role at Buzzvil?

The work of a Technical Account Manager consists largely of three things.

  1. Management of Document on Integration   – I manage all the documents related to all the products and functions that Buzzvil has. This includes the parts of creating documents, appropriately linking them, updating them, and explaining them internally and externally. I also sometimes participate in development meetings with partner companies to explain documents.
  2. Solving internal and external issues – The work that represents the greatest portion of my work time is solving issues related to the technology of external partners. This includes all partners from Supply-side publishers integrated with SDKs such as BuzzScreen etc., and Demand-side advertisers linked to the advertisement tracking system provided by Buzzvil. This includes, guiding them well so that there are no issues while integrating, solving issues that occur after launch when the BuzzScreen SDK integration has been completed, and informing the development team in the case additional work is required. In addition, managing requests for internal process improvement is also included in this work.
  3. Process setting and improvement – As the above tasks are conducted through innumerable communications, a process must first be set up in cooperation with related teams for efficiency. In addition, another part of the job that is more important than the setting of processes, is to guide people so that they follow such processes.

Until recently, most of my day was spent receiving queries and issues, and then solving them or passing them on, recording communications that occurred, and sharing this with relevant teams. I was always pressed for time every day managing all the issues and creating and recording processes as the scale of business of Buzzvil is quite large. Thankfully, recently some good people have joined the team, so now I have time to focus more on systemizing integration document and documentation.

The most difficult moment during work is when I have to ask, ‘why was it done this way?’. This is a question that usually occurs when the history has not been recorded properly, or when I am not certain how a function actually works or is used. Luckily, the history and experience I gained working with partner companies in the BD team has turned out to be a great help to me. I am working on leaving records so that not only myself but other people who have questions can understand it at any time.

4. How does it feel to work at a startup? or advertising industry?

In a start-up, I am creating everything with my own hands. This is something I also felt in the previous companies. Of course, because Buzzvil has a relatively large scale, I was surprised by the systems it had in place, but despite that, it still is a ‘start-up’ where many things need to be created by oneself. So, while there are times when I am sometimes overwhelmed with so much workload, every day is challenging and exciting. This is because I can design the outcome and work toward making it as perfect as possible. Great satisfaction always follows.

You can say that a start-up in the advertising industry is an embodiment of change and adaptation. Although I have not worked in all industries, I can say that advertising industry has the fast speed of change. The needs from both sides of demand and supply continue to abound, and within the industry, players continue to emerge, creating constant change and innovation. In the meantime, policies for each platform also change, making the future unpredictable. That is why my work also changes daily and is a part of the process of adapting to new products or publishers. I enjoy this kind of dynamism and am satisfied working at Buzzvil.

My work has taken over the majority of my life. Most of my day is spent at work, and I spend a lot of time outside of work thinking about the company and of work. As there are advantages and disadvantages to this, I am now trying to consider work-life balance, but Buzzvil still takes most of my attention.

5. Is there something that you can say “this is the best part being Buzzvillians”?

First of all, people here have an affection for their own work and for other people. As a result, everyone can come together to complete tasks, and nothing is done in a half-hearted manner. Everyone actively helps to find answers to even trivial questions with a smile and without irritation. So, when you are faced with a big problem, you can overcome it without having to work on it alone, and I am able to be more excited to help people when I receive a question as well.

Second is the fact that the company places an incredible emphasis on communication. To be honest, it is very rare to find a company in Korea that does not have forced rules based on seniority and age, and Buzzvil is one of those rare companies. How many companies are there where you can proactively express your own opinion anytime, anywhere, and speak up when things do not seem right. I think the culture of Buzzvill actually attempts to respect the all opinions and this is a great motivation.

Last of all, the people here constantly strive for self-development. More synergy is created because the company actively supports them. As a result, I also have been motivated to consider ways to become an even more skilled individual. I feel a good amount of positive pressure every day.

6. Do you have a personal goal or dream? If so, how does your experience at Buzzvil help you?

It is to ‘become an entity that one can lean on’. This is because I feel the reason for my existence when somebody talks to me or relies on me when they are in trouble.

Personally, I want to become a person that people can come to when they are in trouble. At one time, I was satisfied with being ‘a warm person’, but recently I have changed my mind and want to exceed this goal to become a person that people can come to in times of need. In addition, my major goal in life is to open a business with products or services that people can lean on in times of happiness and in times of trouble. To be honest, I think that the things that give us strength in our lives are not things that are hugely impressive. Just like the fact that you have a lunch date with people you love can make you jump out of bed in the morning, or that hugging your warm cat at home can make all the fatigue from an all-night work session melt away. That is why I want to run a business that may not be a service that provides the opportunity to hit the jackpot or turn-around a life, but still can remain in your mind during the quiet moments of every life or in times when you are at your wits ends and tired. Because my interests lie with food, animals, and psychology, I would like to do something that intersects these subjects. I think I would be most happy if I could prepare the meal of the day surrounded by cats every morning.

First of all, I think that my job at Buzzvil fits well in relation to my dream. While it is very hard on me when I cannot solve their issues properly, I am always happy and thankful that I can reply with “Yes?” when someone calls my name. Moreover, even my current state is a great help in making me achieve becoming the person I would like to be.

Second, I am gaining a lot of insight that will be helpful for my business in the future. When I was younger, I dreamt of becoming a simple entrepreneur, but I changed my dream to becoming an enterpriser who can help even more people. Similarly, by experiencing the B2B business after joining Buzzvil, I was able to earnestly realize that even more expansion was possible by leveraging the experience and users that a partner company has. Therefore, when I am running my business in the future, I am certain that my experience at Buzzvil as a BD manager and my current job as a TAM will be invaluable when cooperating and communicating with other parties. In addition to this, I believe that the contemplation on what makes a good company, and my participation in deriving action items and executing those items that arise from such contemplation will also be a great aid.

Last of all, apart from everything else, the fact that I can laugh, talk, and work with really good people makes my life more enriching. Although there is not a single day that went by without an event, at the same time not a single day goes by where I do not laugh with joy. Although I do not know what my life at Buzzvil will be like in the future, I believe that the time, experience, and relationships I gained here will remain a precious part of my life.