[Buzzvil Career] What Makes a Good Product Manager?

Buzzvil Career contains interviews of our team leaders to be clear on what we are looking for in job candidates so they can get an idea if we are a good fit for them. Opened job positions are listed here.

This article covers the job focused interview with CPO Jay. We’ve discussed about what it takes to become a good product manager. Those who would like to experience a product’s full life cycle from planning to operating, please pay attention to this article.

Please describe the role of a Produce Manager.

Product Manager(PM), simply speaking, is a CEO of the product. He/she should grasp the needs of the customer and the market, design the vision and roadmap of a product and fulfill them. The plans of a product should match the vision of Buzzvil. Therefore, the company has to produce an extensible product by effectively utilizing its capacity, existing businesses and assets. It should make strategic decisions of what is to be inputted and withdrawn when making a product. Also iteration should be followed up after the launch for its sustainable growth. In other words, accordingly to the established roadmap, the PM should gather up various issues and draw cooperation from different teams as to develop, design products and do sales. The PM ought to have basic knowledge of development procedures and should be able to review efficient and advanced means of production. Buzzvil has formed wide arrange of product suite over its growth in business, and these are some of the issues that PMs encounter and their necessary competency accordingly to the missions and products. #BuzzScreen (Domestic Business) BuzzScreen is Buzzvil’s flagship product which is a SDK provided to partners so they can own their own lockscreen app. The PM should consider how the partners using BuzzScreen can effectively attain user engagements and generate revenue. As this can be accomplished by exposing accurate advertisements and contents to users, the PM may need to widely understand advertisements, contents and users. Also, he/she should have basic knowledge on B2B products and know-hows to run the business. #BuzzScreen (Global Business) PMs endeavor to successfully foster their products and export successful Korea-based business models to abroad. They facilitate foreign operators to effectively reenact success factors and they should analyze overseas markets indigenous needs to advance the product. #User Experience The mission of user experience is to focus on how the product can provide users with abundant benefits and convenience. The PM in charge of solving this matter should have user centered way of thinking to maximize user value. In order to achieve this, PM should have knowledge on design process and systems. #BuzzAd Programmatic Demand BuzzAd Programmatic Demand is optimized for connecting 3rd party solutions to exchange ads, manage ad quality and monetize it. As BuzzScreen shows massive amounts of ads to individuals daily, optimizing control greatly effects the profit. It is especially actively utilized in overseas business where level of programmatic demand reliance is high. The PM of this product should know well about the ad-tech. #Dashboard Dashboard is an administration tool for advertisers, partners and internal employees. It is a product that needs overall set-up to be efficiently used in business. Therefore, the PM should have high degree of understanding of who the users are, the key matrix and data needed for the business. Aside from these, there are various product suite that are growing fast as leading business in Buzzvil such as #BuzzAd Revenue Optimizer, #BuzzAd Benefit, #BuzzStore, #BuzzMedia and so on, and to drive these into a success PMs should have product instinct to promptly ship the goods that market needs and the power of execution.

Why did you choose Buzzvil?

When I was studying abroad for master’s degree, I saw the potential of mobile lockscreens and established a company called Slidejoy in New York. After then, I sold the company to Buzzvil and came to join the team. I was convinced that I will be able to efficiently accomplish my goals with Buzzvil. I believed that lockscreen ad is a business that can create values for all users, media and advertisers, and with Buzzvil, this can grow out to become a global business.

What’s it like to work at Buzzvil?

At Buzzvil, PMs take charge of a product’s full lifecycle and get to experience all parts and stages of the product. Most of all, they get to actually produce what they have planned with talented employees from Buzzvil such as developers and designers and proceed prompt trials in the market. It is a best environment for PMs to develop their competency.

What’s the team like?

Buzzvil product team sets goals and the operating mission team is formed by gathering fit members from different teams to meet the goal. Depending on the mission, there are open-ended teams that last and there are close-ended teams that are dismissed after completing the mission. Each mission team is designated with a leader to accomplish the goal and usually PMs get to take the lead. Mission team leaders lead their team to actively derive mission statements, set its quarterly goal and operate autonomously. Meanwhile, product committee, where PMs can share their issues and seek for solutions, is held once in every 2 weeks within the PM team. They get to discuss crucial matters or plans of their own mission teams, or share new insights as to help themselves step further. Sometimes Quality Assurance team and Business Intelligence team join the committee too to help review potential errors in plans or guide how to collect and manage data from the early stage. Like this, we strive to arouse collective intelligence and make good decisions upon it.

What makes a good product manager?

#User Centric Mindset It is very important to have a customer centric mindset. That way it is possible to create true values. It is easy to fall for nearsighted supplier’s logic when working in a B2B field. On those points, you need to stop and consider whether the product provides true value to the users’ point of view in a long run. To be eligible for this, it is advisable to experience various kinds of products and think in the mind of users. #Product Sense You should have your own perspective on the market and products. It is crucial to quickly understand the product’s identity. I’m sure this skill naturally comes after the passion for products. You should be able to understand what issues the product is dealing with, whether the product is extendable and how. This skill can be built up after a long period of training and constant effort. #Analytical Skills and Problem Solving Skills A PM gets to make numerous decisions over a product. Therefor he/she should know how to logically analyze, set up a hypothesis and derive different solutions. #Communication and Project Managing A successful PM should be competent and be good at managing time. There may be occasions when the PM has to decide whether to accept or reject various demands. When encountering these situations, you should comprehend the real object of external demands and should endeavor to produce sustainable products. When the demands are inadmissible, it is the PM’s job to suggest alternatives and communicate.

What positions are opened now? (As of Jan. 2019)

Currently, we are recruiting a PM who can take charge of BuzzScreen, Dashboard and Rewarded Video at Buzzvil. If you are a person who wants to plan a product or a business, introduce the product that you’ve made in cooperation with developers and designers, analyze market response and create sustainable value to the world, we are waiting for you to apply.

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