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Buzzvillian Experience Map’s Onboarding


The Buzzvillian Experience Map introduces Buzzvil’s unique and fun benefits for employees. Buzzvil will continue to explore through different experiments to not only boost employee engagement but also achieve employee growth.


Please introduce yourself briefly.

Hello, I’m Elly and I’m currently working as an Ad Operator in Sales Team at Buzzvil. I used to know an English teacher named Elly who I loved when I was little. She was pretty and taught English very well, and I wanted to be like her, so I named myself Elly after her.


I previously worked at influencer based marketing platform named ‘Adpick’. I also worked on Ad Operation Department at Adpick and was responsible for several campaigns, communicating with advertisers, agencies and representatives. I’m currently responsible for setting up ads and managing campaigns in operations to produce the maximum performance.


It already has been 5 months since I started working at Buzzvil. I’m the newest member in the team, and working hard to get used to the work with lots of help from team members. Especially AdOp team members treats me well and whenever things get difficult, they willingly help out, so I think I’m doing well without getting in any accident so far.


Buzzvil is a new field and a huge challenge for me! I hope for many opportunities and I think plenty of opportunities are given within the team so I expect heaps in the future.


How does Buzzvil’s onboarding program work?

When I first heard that there was onboarding, I simply thought of it as an introduction to the company, but it was more helpful than I’ve imagined. I was able to understand the detail of each team, which helped me to adapt quickly to Buzzvil.


Buzzvil onboarding was a sequential process after joining the company. Each team leader introduced their tasks with curriculums designed to provide the overview of company’s direction.


It was beneficial to hear to team introductions and their responsibility. Buzzvil onboarding allowed me to understand the tasks and duties of each part which helped me to adapt well to the company’s assignments and atmosphere.


Do you have any memorable onboarding session? What is the reason?

I was very impressed by the onboarding session of my team. It’s probably because it is a session that is most closely related to me. Our team leader, Juicy, provided information on comprehensive sales team components, the process and history which helped me to get used to the job. In particular, the reward advertising system was a bit unfamiliar field for me, but Juicy kindly explained and answered all my questions. I think Juicy was the reason how I adapted to the work quickly.


Exception of jobs regarding your own department, which task interested you the most?

I really liked the onboarding program with Ahreumong, Buzzvil’s designer. It was quite fun to listen about the brand logo and color and the process of screen configuration and design, exposed to our publisher’s apps. I think I have zero aesthetic ability so I don’t think there will be a lot of opportunities on these artsy tasks in the future. I have a vague yearning for design works. Ha ha.


If you have to lead an onboarding session in the future, what do you want to talk about?

Every staff from each department explained so well with great curriculums, so I don’t have any suggestion. However, sometimes people have to listen to onboarding one on one when you join the firm by yourself like my case and you can feel a bit shy. If you can only adjust the schedule to team up with other newbies, it will be nice to get to know each other and have some chance to hold conversations during onboarding.


Also, if I get to lead a session in future, I would like to have some time to at least roughly inform about internal admin system that is managed by Ad Operation Department every day. Other departments have questions about admin system time to time and to actually understand how the advertisements are processed, I think looking into admin tool is the quickest way to understand Buzzvil’s own advertising system.


I hope that onboarding will provide a positive time for everyone who will join Buzzvil. As it is the time to be informed about the company, I hope that it will develop into a time to reflect about how you can positively affect the company. Finally, I would like to send my gratitude to all those who held onboarding sessions for me. :)

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