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Buzzvillian Experience Map’s Snacks & Breakfast


The Buzzvillian Experience Map introduces Buzzvil’s unique and fun benefits for employees. Buzzvil will continue to explore through different experiments to not only boost employee engagement but also achieve employee growth.

Tell us about yourself.

Hello, my name is Jake, or Jeongeun Noh. My initials are JK, and I wanted to have my English name that had both J and K. (In Korea, age hierarchy exists and in a bid to create a horizontal work culture, Buzzvil calls everyone by their English names.) I was thinking of Jackson, Jackie and other names, but I just went with Jake because I like the dog character Jake of ‘Adventure Time with Finn and Jake.’


I am a junior Android developer. Since I joined the company in July 2019, I have been in charge of the development of the lockscreen SDK.


Before Buzzvil, I worked for a game company for a year and three months. Hoping to work in a place with more growth potential, I have searched for various companies, and among them, Buzzvil particularly caught my attention.


Buzzvil had been emphasizing endless learning and growth, and I, who had a thirst for learning and growth, applied for it immediately. Looking at the interviewers who encouraged me to bring out the best in me, I felt sure that my choice was right and really hoped to work here. I still remember how happy I was when I received the acceptance letter.


For me, as a developer, the biggest advantage of Buzzvil is that every developer here continues studying and is willing to share the results they get with other developers. After six months of being here, I found myself growing.


Among Buzzvil’s employee benefits, what is your favorite one?

The company has many benefits so its employees can actively carry out study groups, activity clubs and so on. The company I worked for before also had various employee benefits, but they were extremely limited. On the other hand, Buzzvil allows its employees to have direct benefits. What I like the most are the unlimited snacks and healthy breakfast every morning.


The snacks are stacked up two to three times a week, and there are various snacks such as crackers, drink, ramen, cereal and so on. Buzzvillians can request snacks that they want. I gained four pounds after joining this company and I’m not the only one.


Breakfast is delivered to the company every morning. The menu is different every day which is nice.


The menus are gimbap (Korean rolled rice), salad, McDonald’s, Lotteria, Subway and so on. Thanks to the variety, we don’t get bored with the food. I sometimes go early to pick up the menu I want. It is quite competitive. Buzzvillians loves to eat. Some of us save up the food for lunch.


One more thing that I like the most is fresh coffee beans. There are coffee grinders and drippers on every floor, so anyone can brew fresh coffee. I have one to two cups of coffee every day, and I really like that I can make a cup of delicious coffee for myself.


There are lots of people who love coffee, so the beans are very carefully chosen. I heard that they are very costly in the market. Maybe that’s why the coffee that even a beginner like myself make tastes great.


What is Buzzvilians’ favorite one of all the breakfast menus and snacks? And what are the breakfast menu and snacks you like the most?

What Buzzvillians like the most is obviously the fresh coffee beans.


Lots of them like brewing coffee, so the kitchen on each floor is filled with the nice, toasty smell of coffee in the morning. When one makes a cup of coffee, four or five gather around him or her and have a short chat with each other, which is Buzzvil’s nice culture.


The most popular snacks are Coke Zero and konjac jelly snacks. Even if these are filled up in the morning, they are all gone in the afternoon. How admirable Buzzvilians’ care for their health.


My favorite snack are the jellies. After I started to work in Buzzvil, I saw lots of mini Haribo jellies on each floor, and I ate them all. I’m excited to be here as a jellyholic.


The best breakfast for me is Subway sandwiches. I love vegetables, but it’s not easy for people like me who live alone to have fresh vegetables. Subway sandwiches are pretty big and have lots of vegetables in them.


How do you think the breakfast menu are selected?

Buzzvillians’ opinions are reflected a lot. We have channels where employees can communicate with the HR managers. After a suggestion about adding more types of food to the menu, Paris Baguette bread was added recently, and it is really popular. Buzzvillians give opinions about the volume of orders as well as new menus. When the ordered food is not enough, it is reflected the very next week so that Buzzvillians have enough to eat. In terms of the menu which are not that popular, they come up with opinions about reducing the volume of the order.



I had never ground or brewed coffee before myself. I did it for the first time at Buzzvil, and I remember when Joshua, the greatest coffee connoisseur in Buzzvil, taught me how to grind and brew coffee. He tried to teach me the standard rules of drip coffee even turning on a timer. It was impressive. Though I’m not perfect at it yet, I’m making delicious coffee myself thanks to him. I’d like to take this time to say thank you to Joshua for teaching me how to make coffee.


I feel great when I brew coffee slowly because it eases my mind and I have some time to think by myself.


If you have any opinion about breakfast or snacks, please tell us!

I think that breakfast is well-balanced, so I’m currently satisfied with it.


In particular, I’m so grateful that I can enjoy snacks that make my hungry tummy happy. I would appreciate if you continue to provide me and other Buzzvilians with various kinds of food and snacks just like now.

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