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Buzzvillian Experience Map’s Interview



The Buzzvillian Experience Map is a program that introduces Buzzvil’s unique and fun policies in detail. If you are curious about how the Buzzvillians grow through different experiences, please pay attention to the Buzzvillian Experience Map. Buzzvil will continue to explore through different experiments to not only boost employee engagement but also achieve employee growth.


Please introduce yourself.


Hi, I’m Gerry, an ordinary young man who is trying to make a living in Korea (nothing much to say more about me ^^;). I’m one of the few foreigners in Buzzvil from Indonesia. :D I’m taking charge of the business development part in the demand-side partnership, meaning helping Buzzvil to effectively monetize its inventories. I focus on the monetization of lockscreen ad units, including Slidejoy.


How and why did you apply to Buzzvil?


I was looking for a company as my targeting position was clear - business-related work and found Buzzvil’s job posting while surfing my LinkedIn account. I tried to dig deeper into what kind of company Buzzvil is. As a foreigner, I always wanted to work in a Korean company, but not in the typical old-fashioned Korean one. Based on my short research on Buzzvil, the company seemed to offer a more fun and dynamic culture. I would like to say that this is the main reason why I applied to an opening although, at that time, I did not have any experience in the advertising industry.


How was the interview process with Buzzvil?


I got a response from HR a week after I sent my application and the HR manager wanted to schedule the first interview which was over the phone with her. On the job posting, there were three questions that I had to answer and I had to go through them in the first phone interview


After a week, I got an email saying that I passed to the second interview. I had a chance to visit the office for the first time. I did my second interview with my future team leader (Joshua) and part-leader (Stephan). I would like to say that it took place in a very friendly environment. Mostly we talked about my background and motivation for the position.


A couple of days later, I received another email saying that I passed to the third interview. The third one was quite special, there was a pre-assignment task before the interview which was given a day before the interview time - it means I only have exactly 24 hours to prepare. The questions itself were more technical and related to the position I applied for.


During the interview, I had to present the results of my assignments in front of the CEOs (John and Young), Joshua and Stephan. After the presentation, I received more technical questions on the spot. For me, it was the toughest interview. Luckily, I passed the third interview and received the job offer.


How did you feel when you met Buzzvil in person?


I really liked how the company had a healthy culture. Korean companies have a conservative and strict image, but not Buzzvil. From the beginning, I knew that Buzzvil was not that kind of company. Yet, I am still surprised because it goes beyond my expectations!!


Communication, as one of the core values of Buzzvil, really plays an important role in Buzzvil’s culture. There is a really low barrier in sharing and communicating with other Buzzvillians. Everyone is extremely busy with their own works, yet they always have time to share and teach others. From my own experiences in my team, I am so thankful to my part leader (Stephan) who is always willing to teach and guide me anytime I need it :D


What’s your current visa status? Did Buzzvil support fully it?


As a foreigner, I can’t work here without my working visa. Thanks to Emma’s (the HR Manager) efforts, I received my working visa (E7) without significant issues. Emma proactively supported my visa application by preparing all the necessary documents that need to be submitted to the immigration office. From what I heard, each of the foreigners in Buzzvil has his or her own specific issue in the visa application. However, you do not have to worry about it because, based on my own experiences, Buzzvil really gives 110% effort to help us (foreigners) receive our eligible visa.



Was there any difficulty in adapting to Buzzvil as a foreigner?


As I mentioned above that I’m one of the few foreigners in the office, you may think that it will be hard for me to adapt. However, I felt there is no huge issue to adapt to the office.


As a “global” startup company, they try to give all the important announcements in bilingual languages (Korean & English). It is easy for me to understand what is going on in the office. In my case as well, I had all my onboarding sessions in English.


Moreover, I would say that the Global Buddy Program played a significant role for me. There was one Buzzvillian assigned to become my buddy for the first three-months (poor him, lucky me). I was quite surprised when Emma introduced me to Andy (my buddy). In the beginning, I thought that he will only become my contact point if I face difficulty in the office so I did not expect many things. Yet, Andy proactively reached out to me just to make sure I didn’t feel awkward in the office. He even arranged lunch or dinner together with others Buzzvilians, invited me to have morning coffee together in the pantry, and persuaded me to join many available activities in the office. All of that just to make sure that I can get along with other Buzzvilians faster, which I really appreciate his efforts for :D


I’m currently preparing to take the Korean proficiency test. If I get a high score in this test, it will be really helpful for my visa application. Buzzvil fully supports my preparation process by providing financial support. I can use the support by attending Korean classes, buying language books or applying for an online course. I can choose whichever is better for me.


Do you have any tips to share for those who are considering to apply to Buzzvil or who are in the process of interviews?


If you are looking for a company that can support your growth and has great people at the same time, you don’t have to think twice! Just apply here. 


Who are in the process of interviews at this moment, all I can say is Buzzvil’s blog is a good source for you. Above all, don’t panic when you get a hard question during the interview, it isn’t all about the knowledge, but they also see how you handle a difficult situation :D

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