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Buzzvillian Experience Map’s Buddy Program


The Buzzvillian Experience Map is a program that introduces Buzzvil’s unique and fun policies in detail. If you are curious about how the Buzzvillians grow through different experiences, please pay attention to the Buzzvillian Experience Map. Buzzvil will continue to explore through various experiments to not only boost employee engagement but also achieve employee growth.


Tell us about you.


Hello, nice to meet you. I’m Kate, the office manager of the Employee Experience Team at Buzzvil. My job is to build a pleasant office environment so that employees can concentrate on their work. I’m four months in Buzzvil. I am in the position to support others, but really, everyone is just so kind enough to help me out, and I feel like I’m growing each day. I’m having a great time, and every day is a blessing.


Kate is an English name, my dad and I made together. Buzzvil is my first job, and I am happy to dive into it with the name that is close to my heart. Every day is a challenge, but I am excited to make each day better. 


What role does a buddy play?


If you join Buzzvil, you will be assigned a Buddy on the first day. Buddy helps New Buzzvillians to adapt well to the company during the three-month probation. In a nutshell, Buddy serves as a primary solver for newcomers about organizational life and serves as a bridge to connect the appropriate person with unresolved issues. 


Thanks to my buddy, it felt like having a secret Santa for three months. I could feel that the company tries hard to take good care of its employees. My buddy helped me to understand the company’s business system and atmosphere. As I started working at this company, I had a lot of concerns about how to adapt and become comfortable soon. But my buddy solved a lot of these worries.


Was the buddy program helpful? Any memorable moments?


There were two main things that I am thankful for my buddy. The first is for allowing me to get acquainted with many Buzzvillians. Here at Buzzvil, many people make lunch plans in advance. If you are new, you could feel awkward because you don’t know who to eat with. But that is where your buddy comes in. My buddy invited me to lunch with other team members often. Since then, I have been naturally acquainted with new Buzzvillians. The office manager often needs to communicate with everyone in the office. Still, thanks to my buddy, I was able to make friends, and my work is going smoothly. 


Also, thanks to her, I was able to keep a good balance between work and rest. Since I had just started my first job, even when I wanted to take a break from work, I thought: ‘Can I take a break? When can I rest for a while?’ - although it’s not a big deal in hindsight. It was kind of my buddy to offer a five-minute break from time to time. After a short break, I was able to concentrate better. Thanks to that, I can enjoy both my life at work and my life after work, joyfully and vigorously.



How can this program be better? 


My buddy was so great. I am worried that I can’t be as thoughtful as she was if I even become a buddy for someone. Thanks to my buddy’s active approach, I was able to take full advantage of the buddy system. The morning greetings, tea time, and lunch with my buddy were small excitements of my corporate life.


If the opportunity comes to become a buddy, I want to be an active buddy like mine. Based on my experience, I hope to become a person who will help new entrants get along well with the organization and increase their understanding of the company.

You started your first job at Buzzvil. What are some tips you can give to people starting their first job at Buzzvil like you?
 People who have just started their careers feel a lot of tension and can worry that they are asking too many questions. It’s okay not to know things. I think that Buzzvil has a well-established culture that loves to communicate. They don’t judge you. The whole company is very active in sharing information, so don’t worry, and just ask and learn quickly to get used to the company.


Oh. This is something trivial. But it really bothered me in the beginning. In Buzzvil, you’ll get breakfast every day, but there isn’t a big cafeteria. I was so confused about where I was supposed to eat my food. It’s okay to eat your food anywhere as long as you clean up. Just in case you were wondering.


Lastly, word of advice for future buddies and for newcomers?


Buddy is most helpful to new entrants, but I think all Buzzvillians should be buddies. So don’t be shy. Say hello to newcomers. For new entrants, who still don’t know anything about the organization, greetings, small talks, and a break of 5 minutes are valuable :). Also, I would like to say to those who have been assigned a buddy, enjoy the exciting Buzzvil life with a lot of help from them!

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